Wed 29 Apr 2015

Why Scoop.co.nz Can No Longer Be Free - Discussion

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This thread is for discussion of Scoop Editor Alastair Thompson's Operation Chrysalis Update Post of 29 April 2015 "Why Scoop.co.nz Can No Longer Be Free".


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Alastair Thompson
29 April 2015


Liz Gordon Wed 29 Apr 2015

Hi Alastair, Sounds like a plan! Have you yet considered how to deal with community organisations that have little income but use Scoop to put out press releases? This is an important outlet for us. Two of the organisations I am involved with - the Howard League for Penal Reform and the Quality Public Education Coalition - regularly put releases on Scoop. We love you, but cannot afford to pay $400+ per year.


Alastair Thompson Wed 29 Apr 2015

Hi Liz, we are an important outlet for nearly everybody. We are preparing a special arrangement for the Community/Voluntary & NGO sector which will lock in discounted rates for the long term. Can you afford $200 a year?


Liz Gordon Wed 29 Apr 2015


Dr Liz Gordon

Managing Director

Pukeko Research Ltd ( http://www.pukekoresearch.com/ )

P.O. Box 2031, Christchurch 8140

Ph. 03 980 5422 or 027 4545 008


Alastair Thompson Wed 29 Apr 2015

Every penny helps :)


Andrew Reitemeyer Wed 29 Apr 2015

What if similar or related non-profit organisations banded together to form a combined outlet? I am thinking of micro parties that are running on a shoestring budget but it could also apply to others.


Harry Chapman Thu 30 Apr 2015

Have you considered just imposing a high-threshold IP paywall? E.g. free to use Scoop for less than 1000 views per month per IP address


Lindsay Shelton Fri 1 May 2015

The New York TImes allows me ten free articles per month. After that, I can view the headlines and can still read the top news reports, but don't have access to anything more. So I can't read oped articles, reviews, magazine pieces etc. Of course, their content is somewhat different to Scoop's.