March 27th, 2018 16:44

#RETech Tuesdays / #RE2020 Working Groups

Bill Wendel
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There are so many things happening in the emerging real estate ecosystem -- locally, nationally, and internationally, that it's impossible to keep up. Beyond that, some national events are already sold out -- like RESO's Spring Meeting https://www.reso.org/spring-mtg/ or too expensive, like Inman's Disconnect: https://www.inman.com/event/disconnect18/

if we'd like to move ecosystem forward, is there a way for local #REStartsUps and others to stay current by meeting periodically, online or off? What's worked for you in the past, and who's working group model should we emulate? Let's brainstorm some options below; and if appropriate, put them to peer vote.

CARPE DIEM: If you'd like to begin exploring options TONITE over beer, aka #REonTop, some of us are headed to different events but we can TweetUp afterwards.


6:30pm: How EVERYONE can PROFIT from the NEW "Uber of Real Estate" including YOU!

7-8:30m: Finding Solutions: Lessons from the Trenches of Solutions Journalism

Bill Wendel