Wed 17 Oct 2018

10/18/18: Watch 2nd LIVESTREAM from MIT's uLab, form coaching circle online, off, both?

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Thanks to @lindychapman for energizing a conversation on LinkedIn about the need to transform the real estate industry. As @tomwemett, @maureeng and others know, one could argue that the buyer brokerage movement championed that effort in the past.

What's the best way to connect current real estate change agents and #RETech innovators to past efforts to reform the industry?

October 28th will mark the 26th Anniversary of Ralph Nader's 1st speech to the real estate industry. Providentially, he'll be addressing students at Harvard Law School on Oct 25th. Should we try to get a private audience with him; or invite his host, HLS 18 grad Pete Davis about other opportunities to engage both Ralph and current students to reenergize the Millennial Housing Lab, a group Pete cofounded with a friend at the Harvard Business School?

Invite you to read this 2015 blog post that led to the creation of #RE2020 -- our collaborative effort to cocreate a consumer-centric, money-saving real estate ecosystem by the year 2020:

Back to the Future: Save billions in real estate fees by 2020?


If you'd like a framework and peer support to transform the real estate ecosystem, #RE2020 invites fellow change agents and #RETech innovators to watch the 2nd LIVESTREAM from MIT's uLab, see link in



Lindy Chapman Wed 17 Oct 2018

Looking forward to this tomorrow!


Bill Wendel Wed 17 Oct 2018

@lindychapman and fellow ecosystem change agents, the guided meditation in the 2nd livestream is a POWERFUl experience. Be sure to have a journal at hand, and a bit of open space in front of you so you literally stand-up and take a step into the future you'd like to create. If you're bold, you can take a second step as the highly respected MIT professor Otto Scharmer will invite you tomorrow. Even if you do nothing else the rest of the semester in this self-paced online course, stepping into "what wants to doing" will connect your deepest desire to the needs of society. That simple step is an EMBODIMENT that connects your heart, mind and body in a way you can revisit again and again to realign your passion and take action!