Can we expect an increase in suicide rates due to COVID-19?

Nynke Public Seen by 115

Hi all,

I hope you are feeling well and are taking good care of yourself. I read this publication in which Patrick Devitt (2020) considers different types of human disasters on suicide rates, applying Durkheim's (1897) suicide theory in offering a social integration explanation of suicide. As expected, Devitt suggests that it is too soon to tell the outcomes of COVID-19 on global mental health and suicide rates, however he offers some insightful aspects we could keep in mind. For example, in validating that disasters generally do have an adverse effect on our mental health, and that economic recession seems to have a rather severe impact on our mental well-being. It perhaps provides some guidance in being mindful of vulnerable groups such as our healthcare workers, elderly, and for people who are experiencing adverse economic impacts. You might find it an interesting read, you might find some validation for your own experience, or you might feel inspired in taking some steps in engaging in protective behaviours so you can prevent any further mental distress. As always, please do reach out to people you trust and/or a professional for support.

Take care!