Tue 9 Jul 2019

What about a Platform 6 event as a 'fringe session' to the upcoming Co-operative College Centenary conference in Rochdale in Nov.

G Graham Public Seen by 181

Here’s a thought. I’ve just seen that the Co-op College is holding some monster expensive conference in November in Rochdale. https://www.co-op.ac.uk/pages/category/our-centenary-conference

They are suggesting that they want to encourage ‘fringe’ events on the afternoon of Thursday 28 Nov as their event will have ended by then. Is this an opportunity for a Platform 6 event of some sort? Maybe a member’s gathering and a provocation/discussion on something interesting? Or is this a crap idea? Might be loads of international types there. What might be the focus? Discuss...


Let's discuss and also pick it up at Members' Meeting next week. I'm up for it.


Martin Strube Fri 12 Jul 2019

I'd sure be up for a fringe meeting on FairCoin Graham. All the best, M


Definitely a face to face of P6 members present at the event, but also open to all?


Graham Fri 12 Jul 2019

Open to all definitely