Fri 5 Jan 2018

Promotional Materials

Michael Pyrcz Public Seen by 387

Just wondering if there is a one-pager that I can post with the key information on EarthArXiv? E.g. something I can post on my door / in the hallways here on campus. I saw a multi-slide informational .pptx, but that would not be practical. A condensed version of the #TSG_MSG2018 poster? Excuse me if already discussed, I didn't see any other related threads.


Evan Goldstein Fri 5 Jan 2018

Hi @michaelpyrcz ... here is a page with resources (including a 1 page/poster). I think there is another (better) poster floating around too (i saw it on twitter)...


Christopher Jackson Sat 6 Jan 2018

Thanks @ebgoldstein! Here's the link to the poster: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Pu86hWb9Mo11bAPDd8R_Q-aAOxgfVPDg. Chris