Sat 13 Feb 2016

Summit Feb 2016 Community Update

Jocelyn Ibarra Public Seen by 494

Hey Connectors,

Welcome to the latest update on Community, and last report from the exercise of decentralizing Community Global during Summer and Fall 2015.

A document containing what was done, some questions, some proposals, and documentation & coordination links awaits you here: https://goo.gl/xIbdke

Looking forward to discussions from the summit, or to motions post-summit,


Maud Mon 15 Feb 2016

Thanks @jocelynibarra for making this recap; It would be nice maybe to update this loomio post with the main questions to be discussed at the summit concerning global community management, because unfortunately I doubt many people will have / take time to go through the complete attached document before the summit, and you won't be there to lead the conversation...


Jocelyn Ibarra Tue 16 Feb 2016

I did my best to get Y/N from the following:

  1. Is there a Community Connectors team? Are there to be Community Connectors?
    Will there be a change in Community Connectors' compensation model after separating local & global budgets?

  2. For welcoming and guiding new members & Connectors >> A Slack channel, where a couple of rotating moderators (2-3) guide new people. Three months later, study that flow/system.

  3. Get rid of our web FAQ page and link to the Ouiki instead, but not without creating a system to ensure its updating.

  4. On new Connectors >> What to do with the dashboard?

  5. On Future Connectors >> that Sponsoring Connectors are responsible for welcoming, information, intergration, guidance and access to platforms and such.
    Basically, that if there's no Community Connectors, Sponsoring Connectors become those who do the 3 months with Future Connectors + inform, welcome, unlock, guide, introduce, and update.

  6. Sponsoring Connectors confirming anyone new is in our Directory and global Twitter list.
    The reason behind this is crucial for decentralization: a lot of attention comes through our profiles & from Twitter.
    Less visibility = less opportunities for distribution of opportunities = same need to have 2-3 humans responding messages from outside OuiShare = more time someone external spend meeting the wrong people.

  7. Find a techie solution to open the hello@ouishare.net email, where opportunities from all over the world arrive looking for partnerships, guidance on new communities, teams or projects, and possibly more. Is a Slack integration possible through a bridge, etc.?

  8. On supporting the members community >> Go beyond one-way communications via newsletters and move to a forum where they can interact with each other.
    We’d need moderators to answer questions and listen/study improvements coming from the community.

  9. The following four activities: 1) studying communities, 2) studying topical projects,
    3) studying team needs, and 4) designing strategies for partnerships, new projects, and other explorations throughout the entire network, led to greater understanding of our growth, needs, new FAQ or information updates, support to emerging topical projects and teams, and connections beyond OuiShare.
    They required time to ideate, analyze and innovate, which would be a shame not to continue.
    Proposal >> Have systems in place to access and analyze data we create every day, and decide who’s interested in ideating on innovation. Data should remain open, and people should agree to it being accessed, firstly.

Note: Every proposal // still// requires humans to perform the tasks mentioned.
We are not yet in a stage of total automation (like the needs of a virtual community like Reddit, but I don't consider we need that either); however, we could move to being Moderators and Guides, which is a step away from 2-3 humans doing everything. Nice.

Thanks everyone!


Jocelyn Ibarra Thu 17 Mar 2016

Hey all,
Something happened during the summit that the Community folder in Google Drive was deleted. Justyna made a new one, which you can see here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByH3625B6AV9c0szTFpMUXdnaDg
I've just added the documents I mentioned in this thread there.

Thank you!