June 5th, 2017 00:47

Food Growing

Jorån Kikke
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I'm very excited to setup an experimental aquaponics setup, using fish waste water as nutrients for plants growing without dirt

I'd like this project to be a permanent part of Hackland that everyone can use/help build or maintain

Jorån Kikke

Jorån Kikke started a proposal June 5th, 2017 00:50

Shall we have an small indoor aquaponics setup in Hackland? Closed 12:03pm - Monday 12 Jun 2017

Free for everyone to use and experiment with, might use some small amount of power for pumps and make a bit of water-noise

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Jorån Kikke

Jorån Kikke
June 5th, 2017 00:59


June 5th, 2017 01:05

Doesn't seem that closely related to the types of activities listed in the meet up description.

Jorån Kikke

Jorån Kikke
June 5th, 2017 01:19

Having some life inside will be a good place to build the cafe around and improve the air. We can 3d print parts of the setup to improve it. Also free food!


Helena June 5th, 2017 01:29

The meet up description can be changed, it's only a few days old ;)
Also, I'm quite into the idea of "hacking" agriculture/traditional food growing.
I would suggest to test these things with a small setup like a vertical hydroponics herb/lettuce garden, if plants are happy, fish tank can be added and made sure that it "cycles" well and then hook these 2 systems up together.
A staged process like that makes sure that there is actually enough light to grow things in the workshop. And it adds living things only after we know that the rest of the setup works.


kitkate June 5th, 2017 10:46

I support this. As long as it's food and not "special" agriculture. LOL


June 5th, 2017 10:47

I like that it will add more green for happiness and make our environment healthy and delicious. This could encourage more kinds of people and have opportunities for tech types and handy types and garden types to work together.


Benedict June 6th, 2017 21:50

Hi all, I did chuckle a little when i saw the numbers eligible to vote on the aquaponics issue. So the weight of my vote (currently at 33%) is quite out of line with the level of my dissent on the issue. The idea of having fish as well is pretty neat - and it will certainly look cool. Can't say it fits with my concept of 'hacking', but hey. What's more, given that I consider myself a tech-handy-garden-et al 'type' all in one, I've got more than enough projects on the go at home for the medium term so my involvement with hackland maybe more casual, unless the coffee is particularly good. Whilst all for democracy, can't help but feel, at least in initial stages of hackland's establishment, that the vision of the founders/hosts should take precedence. hmmm.

Jorån Kikke

Jorån Kikke June 6th, 2017 22:10

Hello :]
We're working with consensus, so there's no weight to votes - the idea is to work the proposal until we're all okay with it. This is the first proposal so it's also kinda a good sandbox

I think maybe you're worried that this will take up a lot of space, which is reasonable to worry about, would you feel alright if it was limited to a 2m area, or only for a trial period?


Benedict June 7th, 2017 09:43

Not knowing anything about the space available I suspect the issue would be temporal rather than spatial. I could see that most of the hacking jobs could be measured in minutes or hours, maybe days - say machining something on the CNC, doing a bit of soldering, a little bit of coding or a 3d print job and then perhaps taking the work pieces home or storing them in a cubby somewhere. There could be quite a few people keen on giving hydroponics a go - but may need to wait weeks or months before it's available, especially it users want to experiment and iterate techniques.

Jorån Kikke

Jorån Kikke June 7th, 2017 21:00

Ah yeah I was suggesting this as a project, not my own thing.
If people wanted to experiment with the setup those who are involved could agree to do this, that sounds great!
We could also have Hackland provide only the really basic aquaculture infrastructure, like sump tanks and some piping and pumped water - then let people connect all kinds of things to it?


kitkate June 7th, 2017 21:32

If the soldering and welding is in the same room I don't think that's healthy, but if there is a cafe it needs to be a food safe zone anyway. I am strongly in favor of connecting to a tilapia tank so we can demonstrate a sustainable food ecosystem that is way better for the environment than factory farming fish or animals.


jolyon June 23rd, 2017 00:26

I'm keen for plants in general. It's good for air quality too.


Mr CK June 23rd, 2017 22:59

I reckon it would be cool, although indoor fish tanks do have evaporation as a by product... [more so with tropical fish I suspect] but maybe that could be somehow recycled into contained indoor garden rain in a clever way.

Could we have indoor clouds?? that would be cool.