Project Presentations: Education and Business

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We are posting a series of Loomio discussions about sessions and talks coming up at the conference, so participants can have a chance to discuss the topics, ask questions, and interact with the presenters.

Project Presentations: Education and Business

Hear leading practitioners share their projects - in quick rapid fire presentations:
- What problem is it solving?
- How did the opportunity arise?
- Why are you doing it?
- What have some of the biggest challenges been? Some of the biggest wins?
- Where to next?

The following will present in this stream:


Alanna Irving Thu 9 Apr 2015

Post any comments and questions and @joshuavial @jessica11 @gina @dougkirkpatrick and Chris will be by to respond when they can.


Problem solving, opportunity, reasons for doing, challenges, wins, where to next..

I'm keen to talk about OS projects that exist in the education and business spaces, & especially what DevAcademy is seeing, + GitHub projects that are getting started following the Monday April 13th Patch work talk..