Wed 24 Jan 2018

EarthArXiv/AGU Discussion on Preprints

Tom Narock Public Seen by 363

At the recent ESIP meeting (Jan 8 thru 12) there was an informational session on preprints. I introduced EarthArXiv and reps from AGU where there to talk about their ESSOAR efforts. There was a bit of discussion afterwards regarding ESSOAR/EarthArXiv collaboration. Although nothing definitive was determined in regards to collaboration, it was nice to see we are thinking along the same lines and that AGU is open to working with us. For those that are interested, the audio and video of the session is here:


Christopher Jackson Wed 24 Jan 2018

Thanks Tom for representing us! This all sounds positive.

Which file/files it it on the link below? There's 10.


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Tom Narock Thu 25 Jan 2018

Sorry about that. I thought it was a direct link. We are the file named "January 11 Linden Oak AM"