Wed 22 Jul 2015

Help us translate the new Loomio user interface before we release it to the public!

Hannah Salmon Public Seen by 405

Hello wonderful Loomio Community!

As you may have already heard, the Loomio team has been busy rewriting the entire Loomio user interface from the ground up and we are almost ready to release the new interface (Loomio 1.0) to the general public! Excitingly, yesterday we enabled i18n/translations in the new app, meaning you can now use the new interface in your own language - but we need your help to complete the new translations!

Just last week we enabled translation of the new interface and it's already being translated - we are blown away! If you’re interested and able to help us translate Loomio 1.0 into a language you know, the best place to start is by taking a look at this introductory guide we've been building. We also have a Loomio Community subgroup dedicated to translation support, and if you're keen to support the translation process we highly recommend joining this group. I've posted a similar discussion in the group about translation of the new interface - please feel free to post any questions or comments in there and I'll do my best to respond asap.

To enable the new interface on your Loomio user account, visit loomio.org/angular. The new app will use your selected locale, and you can also change your language preference from your profile page.

We are really looking forward to releasing this new interface, and so glad that we can share it with you!

Hannah (on behalf of the Loomio team)

PS. If you have any other translation questions, please feel free to ask them in the translation group - you can @mention me using @hannahsalmon.


Anake Goodall Wed 22 Jul 2015

very cool @hannahsalmon

did we ever find someone to do a te reo Māori version?


henk daalder Wed 22 Jul 2015

just translated the remainng strings to Dutch


Richard D. Bartlett Wed 22 Jul 2015

@anakegoodall not yet. Thus far all of our language translation has come organically from people volunteering: we haven't been proactive.

It would be marvellous to have a te reo Māori version though; we might want to step up and be proactive about that soon I reckon.


Danyl Strype Fri 24 Jul 2015

I agree that a competent Te Reo Māori translation is very important to a software project with Loomio's values, based in Aotearoa. I suggest getting in touch with the Māori Internet Society, especially Karaitiana Taiuru, who has been a strong advocate for Te Reo translations for software, as well as a member of the CreativeCommons Aotearoa/NZ Advisory Board, where he played a role in getting the CC licenses translated into Te Reo.

I feel it would be appropriate to offer to pay an accredited Te Reo translator. However, if funds really can't stretch to that, perhaps you could offer a koha of some kind? For example a private instance of Loomio for the translators iwi, hosted on a computer located in their rohe?

One of the things I learned from Karaitiana's talk at OSOS is that data sovereignty (rangatiratanga matauranga?) is very important to tangata whenua, and they often feel nervous about their matauranga (knowledge, ideas, and information) disappearing into the ether and somehow being claimed as the "property" of some corporation. Thus, they might feel more comfortable using a service like Loomio if they know that their information is being stored locally, and that only they have access to it.


Anake Goodall Fri 24 Jul 2015

ngā mihi @strypey

i'm up for contributing to a koha if that's the path we choose

and am a fan of Karaitiana's and support the idea of approaching him regarding this kaupapa. i'm happy to approach him directly if that's useful ...


Richard D. Bartlett Fri 24 Jul 2015

Awesome thanks @strypey and @anakegoodall! Anake if you want to approach Karaitiana that would be greatly appreciated. I've just gotten involved in another online te reo project so I'm keen to meet and chat with folks in this space generally :)


Anake Goodall Fri 24 Jul 2015

thanks @richarddbartlett

email to Karaitiana now deployed ...


Matthew Bartlett Mon 27 Jul 2015

How super it would be to finally get Loomio (né Tautoko) into the reo!


Anake Goodall Mon 27 Jul 2015

so ...

Karaitiana Taiuru has been busy and confirms that Ian Cormack (Director of Taumatua Māori Language Services and a licensed Māori Translator) has generously agreed to do the translation over the next ~month

this work is normally Ian's bread and butter so it would be good to promote him and his services to paying customers if at all possible. i am taking some advice on any other sort of acknowledgement / koha etc might be appropriate under the circumstances

Ian will need Loomio contacts re all this so as to be able to upload code or whatever it is that you code wizards actually do, and Karaitiana has offered to play go-between

@richarddbartlett could i be linking you and Karaitiana by email at this point perhaps?


Richard D. Bartlett Mon 27 Jul 2015

Wow @anakegoodall that is amazing - you work wonders.

The logistics are explained in the wiki and I'm happy to support however I can. Absolutely, put Karaitiana and Ian in touch with me.

Of course we're certainly happy to promote Ian's work. Thus far all the other translations have been contributed by unpaid volunteers, but I've always thought te reo Māori is a special case though, given our context here in Aotearoa. So yes, I'll be glad to have any advice about acknowledgement and koha.


Matthew Bartlett Tue 28 Jul 2015

Pretty neat that this has kicked off during Maori language week