The abolition of all taxes

Frank Thunderwood Public Seen by 193

Since the pirate party is a modern party this idea relates to the future.

Because in the future, definitely in the far future, all work gets done by robots en machines and then all the governments will have to make money out of nothing for all the civilians who no longer have to work. When all governments print money without inflation. And then everyone will realise that all the governments could have made money out of nothing much earlier for the necessary and useful things in their annual estimates and that by doing so they could have gotten rid of all taxes. And this also without causing inflation.


Ilja Fri 31 May 2019

I must say that I honestly don't know what this thread is about :/ Is this just an idea you want to share and discuss about? Or a proposal in some way?


HgO Fri 31 May 2019

Yeah, me neither. And I don't understand why @frankthunderwood created a project on the wiki as if the pirates supported this idea… Also, why the wiki account who created that page is named David ? Are you trolling us ?