Urgent request from PPI (Pirate Parties International)

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PPI vice chair just contacted us, they need someone with an address in Brussels (or Belgium? it's unclear to me), to use has mailbox for the AISBL PPI.

If you can provide that, please send me in private (click on my profile + send message) your email address and i'll forward the email to you, or contact them directly at Gregory.Engels@pp-international.net

The full email :

> Dear Friends,

> I write to you, because we need your help -
as you know, PPI Headquarters are registered in Brussels as an AISBL.
Unfortunately, we discovered quite late, that the registered office that we have used,
the office of Julia Reda was not existent since at least 2016 - and we might be in trouble, as we have not been able to receive mail at that address since then. We need to find a new address and deposit this information with the grefe.

> how do we need your help: We literally do not know anyone in Brussels. It seems that our MEPs are not going to rent an office in Brussels anytime soon, so that is out of our control. We are looking either for a volunteer who is ready to provide us with a postal address and who is able to receive official mail, open it, scan it and send it to us. Or you could point us in the right direction to find an affordable mail forwarding service that we could use as the registered office for the PPI HQ AISBL.

> Please get in touch soon, as the matter is quite urgent.

> best regards!


Renaud Van Eeckhout Thu 24 Oct 2019

The statutes of the PPI AISBL are in French, therefore the address has to be either in Brussels or in Wallonia (if it moves to Flanders, it would need to be translated and approved by a GA).

Des candidats ? :sweat_smile:


Jelle Debusscher Thu 24 Oct 2019

Since I haven't moved to Brussels yet I can't provide that. But isn't it an option to receive mail in a mailbox inside the European Parliament, there are plenty. As an official party it could also be a free service of the EP, we should check.that.

Best regards


Florence D. Tue 29 Oct 2019

Tu as trouvé ?


Renaud Van Eeckhout Tue 29 Oct 2019



Florence D. Wed 30 Oct 2019

Ils peuvent utiliser la mienne, adresse en Hainaut si c ok.


Renaud Van Eeckhout Wed 30 Oct 2019

Je pense pas qu'ils aient des objections avec le Hainaut :D

Tu as bien vu que la tâche était de réceptionner le courrier, le scanner et envoyer au PPI ? Si tu es ok avec ça, tu peux m'envoyer ton email en privé ou prendre directement contact avec Gregory Engels (en mettant contact@pirateparty.be en copie)


Christophe Cop Tue 29 Oct 2019

Maybe post in Belgian Pirates united on FB? They might help out (a lot of former pirates there, a bit bigger audience than here)

(I'll post it without the contact name)