Fri 12 Jan 2018

Cobudget Tech talk

Michael Arnoldus Public Seen by 378

This thread is the kickoff for tech related topics around Cobudget open source development.

For background, you can find the Cobudget Repo on Github here:

* Frontend: https://github.com/cobudget/cobudget-ui
* Backend: https://github.com/cobudget/cobudget-api


Michael Arnoldus Fri 16 Feb 2018

Tech update on changes Feb 2018

When GreaterThan started working on cobudget in early 2017, we decided to make it possible for a cobudget admin to reconciliate the cobudget funds with bank account holding the money. Back then, you could archive buckets, but there was no way to inform the system if the funds was in reality paid out or not.

We decided to move from the old bucket state model to a new bucket state model. We didn’t get the code fully in line with the new bucket state model, so some buckets in some groups was shown as cancelled even though they were in reality funded and not cancelled. This has now been fixed.

The existing database layout, using allocations to register payments to funders accounts and contributions to register funding of buckets wasn’t safe enough. We found errors in some groups and was unable to track down the original cause. Furthermore, cancelling of buckets was handled by deleting records from contributions, thus leaving no trace of the original funding actions. We’re now using a new system based on double account bookkeeping (transactions) and making sure no previous information is deleted. This is also a first step towards a blockchain based backend.

Finally we’re introducing a new group account. The group account is where we place funds the admin need to decide what to do with. Funds from cancelled buckets that should be returned to an archived user will instead be transferred to the group account. Also small amounts we’ve found left in the accounts of archived users will be transferred to the group account over the next few weeks.


Francesca Fri 23 Mar 2018

You might have seen it already, but last week we released the long waited for features or @mentions, and the site now also runs on https :)