December 11th, 2019 02:37

12/12/19: Hybrid online / offline gathering to watch RETrends 2020 Webinar

Bill Wendel
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Real estate rebels -- buyer agents, RETech innovators, and consumer advocates, have intermittently used the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, December 16, to convene our own Boston REALTY Party.  Part social gathering, part brainstorming session, it's an annual opportunity to identify trends -- what's ending, what's presenting, and what's emerging in the real estate ecosystem, the mission of RE2020.  

This year, progress on long-overdue reforms has moved our agenda into the real estate mainstream so propose we gather at 1pm this Thursday, 12/12 to watch a FREE webinar by RETrends.  Significantly, two megatrends in the much anticipated CEO-level forecast reflect our goals and should make consumers cheer:

Class-action Antitrust Suits Rock the Industry

The Diminishing Viability of Traditional Real Estate Brokerages

At a minimum, REGISTER to watch the webinar:

Bill Wendel

Bill Wendel started a poll December 11th, 2019 02:43

Quick poll to identify whether enough interest to meet OFFLINE in Boston Closed 7:02pm - Wednesday 11 Dec 2019

Should we host a hybrid online / offline watch party somewhere in Boston and begin comparing our own assessment of Best / Worst of 2019 from the consumer's perspective? 

Invite suggestions for car or transit convenient locations, and will crosspost invite to BosRETech MeetUp.

1 - Would like to gather with others to watch OFFLINE in Boston
0 - Only able to join you virtually, but eager to participate
Bill Wendel

Bill Wendel December 11th, 2019 03:03

Marc Davison generally does not speak in hyperbole. Will 2020 be "The Year Residential Real Estate Brokerage Changes Forever? https://twitter.com/marcLdavison/status/1202079343154847744?s=20

Bill Wendel

Bill Wendel December 11th, 2019 14:28

Would like to gather with others to watch OFFLINE in Boston

Bill Wendel

Bill Wendel December 11th, 2019 14:39

@Tom Wemett & @Allan Knowles Apologize to you and anyone else who was unable to vote because the poll ended at 5am, not pm. Still learning Loomio's new interface and just extended voting until 7pm tonight.

Want a car or T friendly location? Suggestions?