Sat 15 Oct 2016


Joe Public Seen by 365

Some people love disruption. Others hate it.

I'm not here to change the d@w mission. We actually agree on many different concepts and best path forward approaches.

But still I may be seen as more of a obstacle to progress forward than as help to the mission, so I will ask the group to weigh in on whether you want me to fall into line or press the edges?

I have lots to share for anyone who likes to look at progressive alternative solutions and paths forward. Maybe it would be best to place me and my ramblings over into a subgroup somewhere - there, but out of the way. I'll respect whatever the whole group wants - including totally get out of your space!

I'm always searching for the right group of people to co-create improvement with. I test the waters and stick around and see what happens or I move on with my search.

Think about dealing with people who are not perfectly aligned with leadership and how your solution handles them. The solution to this issue is critically important within the coop workplace framework.

Thanks for your consideration. All the best, Joe


Maria Mania Sat 15 Oct 2016

Dear Joe,

I am perfectly ok with you pressing the edges. Our mission is to offer alternatives to the capitalist enterprise, and therefore are used to and need to be familiar and comfortable with people challenging us and pushing the edge. I say keep doing it!! Just my 2 cents!


John Rhoads Sat 15 Oct 2016

@joe21 By all means keep doing what you're doing and putting out your ideas. It's what will make us better and stronger. Your ideas are an asset to all of us and I will be wanting to explore more your Muxive ideas. I like the fact you are posting threads, the context they have and feel they are totally relevant. Keep it up Joe. Rock on!


Joe Sun 16 Oct 2016

Thank you for your positive responses.


Betsy Avila Mon 17 Oct 2016

Agree with @mariamania and @johnrhoads. I also think Loomio, unlike Facebook, is a better space for content that pushes the edges because it provides a better platform for organized discussion. @joe21, keep doing what you're doing.