June 17th, 2019 20:40

Induction Process

cstewart000 Public Seen by 157

All, there are a few things that we could do better at on boarding to help orient new members and also address some safety issues hopefully we can have an induction that covers/solves:

Knowledge of the space
Financial model (why we are poor)
Safety – generally
Safety culture – don’t know ask. Don’t be dumb
3 task quest for deep knowledge (dominiques initiative)
Slack and Loomio
Membership requirements (pay up)
Understanding of the tool library and why you shouldn’t steal from their shelves
Responsibility waiver?
You too can run a workshop / event

Many of the loomio threads to date are to address parts of these issues

Suggest we find a way to make this as automatic as possible so its less of a burden administratively.

Yes – it sounds good
No – it would be a pain in the ass

Amanda Chapman

Amanda Chapman June 18th, 2019 06:59

Yes absolutely agree. Maybe we do a formal induction on one of the open nights & include existing members so we can all understand the process etc?

Karsten Sperling

Karsten Sperling June 20th, 2019 04:38

Would be great to have more if this introduction / induction stuff happen at open night or a similar event. I've only made it to opening night a couple of times, and then only fairly late rather than for the official 6pm start. I personally find weeknights difficult due to family commitments and I imagine there might be others in the same situation. Maybe an idea to make "open night" more accessible, especially if the intention is to use it more to communicate stuff to members, would be to have it on a Saturday morning instead once a month.


Helena June 29th, 2019 00:48

I think it would be good to have a good to have a documented induction process. I would like to keep it around 1 A4 sheet online and a laminated version that can be used by personal induction. Currently evolved rules like "no MDF" and "no noise on the Open Day" are very invisible to newer members. I'd just like to have something in there that protects us from overt bureaucratic rule creep. I would like if our rules stay as minimal as possible. I guess, the rule of being a nice human being to other human beings should be able to cover more specific cases?