Fri 19 Oct 2018

Nader conference on Myths of #MarketFundamentalism raises questions about #BigRealEstate

Bill Wendel Public Seen by 214

Is it time for the real estate consumers, particularly those harmed by BLIND bidding wars, to begin listening to growing the conversation about the myths of free markets and start questioning #BigRealEstate? This hard-hitting national conference, convened by Ralph Nader, includes leading academics and consumer advocates. See agenda below & watch LIVESTREAM:


Rebroadcast on CSPAN:


There's a global real estate angle here, too. Not just #SpeculatorsWithoutBorders, but "blood money." Just dropped this controversial story into conversation on Twitter:

#MarketFundamentalism: Powerful economic actors in private sector can shapes choices as much as government. Like BigPharma, BigBanks, mega funding for #BigRealEstate impacting Housing. Need to look at @SoftBank investment in @OpenDoor & @Compass


What's your take?

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