Sun 12 May 2019

Idea For A New Platform Cooperative For Subtitles Making

Leo Sammallahti Public Seen by 175

Here is an article that briefly describes a cooperative I would like to launch. I just got the idea a while ago and could contribute 300£ to it as initial seed funding and then donate 100£ a month after that. Are there other people interested in this working on this? Would love to do it with as close collaboration with Platform6 as possible.


Graham Mon 13 May 2019

I'm sure that Platform 6 will be interested in working with you on this Leo.
For me the first step is to gain a deeper understanding of what is already happening in this 'market' so that we can get a handle on how the co-op could fit (or disrupt). From what you've written I see that there is a volunteer community of interest that is already doing stuff. Any sense of the scale of that activity? How does it relate to the existing commercial market for this service?


The key thing with anything like this is to get enough potential members together. Where can they be found? Might this be an ideal project to kickstart through an Open Collective?