June 29th, 2018 01:57

How could we improve our guides on data and information principles?

Jocelyn Morrison
Jocelyn Morrison Public Seen by 243

We've just published draft guides on the data and information principles used in the New Zealand government context, and would like your suggestions on how these could be improved.
- Are there any other principles or frameworks that need to be included?
- Do you have questions you would like answered in the guides?

Links to guides
Overview of NZ data and information principles
How NZ data and information principles work together


Keitha Booth July 12th, 2018 22:49

Thanks very much, Jocelyn. Can you please update the "How NZ data and information principles work together" link. It is not working today. cheers.

Jocelyn Morrison

Jocelyn Morrison July 13th, 2018 00:44

Thanks Keitha. I've checked both links and have updated the first one which had an incorrect URL. Hopefully the links now work for you.


Keitha Booth July 13th, 2018 00:46

Both now working, thanks very much, Jocelyn.