Fri 21 Oct 2016

Two-party Political Solution

Joe Public Seen by 363

Let's say for the moment that human beings demand a two-party political system. Maybe for no better reason than to identify with one of two simple options. I want to suggest a whole new approach to establishing these two new parties. (And timing could not be better because I see no way that the Republican Party can ever recover from what has happened in the past few years.

So in my thinking I would love two new parties that actually make everyone happier - independents too. Maybe even mixing together in both sides traditional Democrats and Republicans.

I recommend two polar opposite parties that focus on a single core principle re governance. For now I will simply call the two parties "the statics" and "the dynamics."

The statics mostly believe what exists now is safest and least problematic. Change should be fought against because change mostly means the world becomes a worse place. "Change is bad!"

The dynamics believe that change is always needed to establish what is best for society. They believe as the world changes the rules need to change as the new tools emerge. "Change is good."

In my mind this will group together people from both sides of what now exists. The tension for compromise remains intact, but liberals, conservatives and moderates all work together on both these new sides, so compromise is required within each new party.

We all know in our guts that the best solution is found somewhere in the middle of the two extreme possible ends. Let's explore what this radical change to politics might produce toward improving the world - because this other two-party system is leading in the opposite direction now.

Your thoughts on this idea?