Thu 16 Jul 2020

Last Empathy Cafe XR Principles Series! New Oceana Series Starting! Empathy Circle Facilitator Training

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"I want us to organize, to tell the personal stories that create empathy which is the most revolutionary emotion. The truth of the matter is that hierarchy and violence can't be remedied by more hierarchy and violence. The end doesn't justify the means, the means we choose decide the end we get. The means are the end."  Gloria Steinem  

This Saturday is the last Empathy Cafe on the XR Principles and Demands
Topic: Should there be 4th Demands?

It’s been an amazing series with 16 Empathy Cafes. Thrilled that it will be starting again in a new time zone.

Time: 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm BST/ 7pm CEST
Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/9896109339

New Oceana Series Starting

It’s not over. XR Australia is hosting a new series for the Oceana, Australia, NZ, Asia, India, Africa, Europe times zone.
New Zoom Room:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85685675621

2020-07-25 - Principle #1: We Have a Shared Vision of Change

2020-08-01 - Principle #2: We Set Our Mission on What Is Necessary

2020-08-08 - Principle #3: We Need a Regenerative Culture

NOW FORMING: Free Empathy Circle Facilitator Training:
Module 1: COHORT #3
Learn to facilitate your own Empathy Circles.

There is limited space:
1. Sign up here: https://j.mp/3exihih
2. Also, join this event https://facebook.com/events/2743543205880012/

TIME:  10am PST/1pm EST/6pm BST/ 7pm CEST (2.5 hrs.)
Check local time: https://j.mp/3fB1Wuv

* Session 1: Tue, July 28
* Session 2: Thur, July 30
* Session 3: Tue, August 4
* Session 4:  Thur,  August 6

Edwin Rutsch EdwinRutsch@gmail.com