June 16th, 2018 13:25

Housing as a constitution right & bill of rights that flow from that

Bill Wendel
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Realize that Brad is using the word constitution metaphorically, and for the moment won't challenge him on the suggestion that "forces bigger and powerful than the FTC and the DOJ are at work." Instead, invite him to address the implications of a more fundamental point at #ICSF18. Some real estate innovators may be surprised to learn that housing is NOT a constitutional right in North America (see UN map below from Housing+ exhibit at MIT's Media Lab). Let's get ahead of panelists at the general session on "Real Estate in 2020" and ask how the housing / real estate ecosystem would change if housing were a human right? That question is echoing in populist movements around the world, see tweet stream:


With his international perspective, comments by panelist Mike DelPrete should be insightful. Pushback in city after city against AirBnB shows what happens when disruptors rewrite the rules without considering the common good. There's evidence in the streets and in print that the housing / real estate ecosystem is not working, and a housing justice movement is emerging. In fact, two magazines devoted recent issues to affordable / attainable housing crisis:


When will politicians get involved, or is this an example of grassroots leadership? What will happen when it hits the real estate industry?


Whatever their recommendations, my hope is that the FTC/DOJ's report lays the groundwork for a real estate consumer bill of rights. Fellow innovators have already begun a thread about #REBillOfRights on #RE2020 - an open collaboration site that invites everyone to answer the question Brad will use to kick-off of ConnectSF: What will the real estate ecosystem look like in the year 2020? The larger, potentially unifying, question is how do we cocreate it to serve future generations, locally, nationally and worldwide?