Mon 2 Mar 2020

Write up and feedback on the Thinking Box : Why is XR upsetting people with NVDA?

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Overview of the session

Thinking Box is a group deliberative process based around video input. 

Feedback on the experience:

  • Enjoyed it, esp smaller group discussions in breakout rooms, 

  • Good opportunity to chat through XR next steps esp inclusivity and action design

  • New experience, very different to a PA. More intimate so may appeal to some more. Important to keep thinking about XR approaches

  • Seems to work well online (have experienced the face to face version)

  • Time flew by, great that there were so many different opinions and that this was ok

  • Enjoyed learning new practices and connecting in small groups also integrating online tools for harvesting

  • Really good session, felt like we bonded. Would like to do more of this especially before an action. 

  • Worked well and I enjoyed it. 

  • Pleasure for me to connect from Argentina, love to learn from others in XR

  • Thanks it was really good

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Content feedback below


Paul Thistlethwaite Mon 2 Mar 2020

Content feedback - Why are XR upsetting people with NVDA?

At the end of the session a short form was completed by all to capture individual positions

Summary comments

What is the most effective justification for upsetting people in your view?

  • NVDA works 13 people referred to its effectiveness and/or how other methods have failed. Eg:

    • Historical precedent (civil rights and suffragettes); marches and petitions have help but they haven't made the radical changes necessary

    • Other campaign methods haven't worked, and while we don't disrupt people's days lightly we feel it's necessary to get the message across.

    • Nothing else has worked and time is running out

    • To disrupt people's normal thought patterns and think about this.

  • Mini crisis better than a bigger one. 8 people thought this was a good explanation eg:

    • Fire alarm and Hillsborough 1981 analogies

    • Climate change will cause much worse disruption.

    • We are averting a much worse event.

  • We are out of time. 7 people cited the urgency as the best justification eg:

    • We are almost out of time

    • We have 12 years to save the world and the government's don't want to acknowledge it

  • Love. 5 people referred to love/care eg:

    • This comes from our love for you as a fellow human being and our love for the planet we are part of.

    • We are doing it because we care

    • People are driven to take these measures because they care about future generations

What are the other main criticisms you hear aimed at XR? (keyword):

In order of popularity, here is a summary of responses

  • (Alarmism) The govt is already addressing climate change and it's doing enough.

  • (Alarmism) It's not as urgent as we say - we are exaggerating the urgency so theres no need to rebel.

  • (Alarmism) That we are self-indulgent whiners who are just after our place in history.

  • (Collective action) I think the point about single actions won’t make a difference is important for people to understand. dig for England isn’t the answer, plant for the world is the answer

  • (Collective action) Well, I can't do anything about it/ Nothing's going to change.

  • (China) What about China and India?

  • (China) That there is no point doing anything in Britain unless China and US change their ways.

  • (Diversity) Lack of inclusion in XR, particularly in terms of race, and relatedly attitudes to the police. We need to tell the truth about the racist violence of the police and the state, not pretend the police are 'on our side' - we should be in solidarity with the oppressed.

  • (Diversity) We are privileged white people, who are pro-police in our messaging and our actions, which means people of colour and other vulnerable groups will be excluded.

  • (Police) XR's relationship with the Police excludes vulnerable communities; I don't think that working with the Police is either safe or advisable.

  • (Wrong method) XR should embrace a wider diversity of tactics.

  • (Belligerent) XR doesn't listen... bunch of hard left political activists. pushy..

  • (Ambulance) Negative impacts beyond just “upsetting people” (what if you hold up an ambulance and someone dies)

General comments (keyword)

Just a sample of general comments

  • (Thanks) Thanks for the enjoyable meeting and discussion. :)

  • (Listening) hold "XR Listens and Cares" events. listen to the public. and hold empathic dialogues with them.

  • (Friends) It is difficult to know how to deal with those who are friends but, for example, work for an airline.

  • (Decentralised) Individuals and groups make decisions to have civil actions, so 'we' cannot fully control that nor be fully responsible for whether or not all civil actions are legitimate - however, 'we' are part of an organisation that can provide information about what a legitimate action might look like and what it might not look like.

  • (Wellbeing) I would like to do team bonding and group meditation or similar to fortify ourselves before a disruptive action, as currently I am finding the abuse etc. quite hard to deal with, even . though I know I'm doing the right thing!

  • (Targeted actions) Agree with actions targeted against what we want to stop, rather than general disruption.

Full survey results can be found here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13L8wn28vh3RVUT1ROUefECm5WdXmxHXyOOMLPObTy3c/viewanalytics

Future discussion topic suggestions

  • Police relationship

  • Vision for 2020

  • Principles and values

  • What are the most important conversations for XR

  • How to convey that you don't need to be an arrestable to get involved in XR