Sat 12 Jan 2019

Update on "Prosthetics Student Consultation" Funding Proposal

Chang Liu Public Seen by 203

Updates for "Prosthetics Student Consultations": I've just finished with all my other clinical duties and studies, and will be able to focus entirely on Upper Limb Prosthetics and thereby e-NABLE this last semester. Plans are to churn out write-ups on guidelines and educational information for the community, amass help from fellow prosthetics students for these write-ups, advice on case loads, and develop a sustainable partnership btw the Strathclyde prosthetics students and e-NABLE. (non-official club) For myself, I'd like to gain more experience with above-elbow prosthetics before I can comfortably help out in this area, as well as continued investigation into the Re-NABLE Adjustowrap Arm casting + manufacturing methods, so I'll be working on these. So, fire away with questions, things you'd like us to work on, topics you'd like discussed, designs you'd like explored, etc! My email is c.liu.2015@uni.strath.ac.uk.

Meanwhile, I have been working on individual consultation cases with various members of e-NABLE, doing some guideline writing, as well as further experimenting with and writing up the re-NABLE adjustwrap arm casting and manufacturing methods for presentation at TIPS and BAPO conferences in march, and for my dissertation. You can refer to my daily log document for details.

A recent SPC meeting has also opened up a discussion about fitting e-NABLE devices to young children, so here's my (rather lengthy) take on it, based on the clinical experience and resources available to me as a prosthetics student thus far. The SPC has read and discussed this prior to its release. If you have read this in its entirety, and are willing to proceed with the responsibility of fitting a young child with an e-NABLE device afterwards, I highly recommend that you'll drop me a message so that I can hop on board and help with it any way I can, and to ensure that the process is as safe as possible based on the child's presentation.

Edit: Hi all! This thread has generated some valuable debate as to how e-NABLE should proceed with regards to fitting young children with our devices. The document has been restricted for now, for further refining, before a concrete action plan and guideline will be released. It had been reviewed by the SPC thus far, and was intended to be shared with the community for further discussions before finalising. With current discussions, this debate will be moved to a more specialised audience for refining before being re-opened here. Thank you all for your input, and the discussion on what you'd like to see from the "Prosthetics Student Consultations" is still wide open!


Jeff Powell Wed 16 Jan 2019

Hi Chang,

I think our community could make an even better impact on individuals with limb differences with more prosthetist involvement. In general, I support your work.

I am sorry that I do not have the bandwidth to get too involved. However, I would be happy to give you the time of a quick call if my perspective could help you. I'll send an email.


Chang Liu Wed 16 Jan 2019

Thanks Jeff, I would love to. I've received your email, I'll drop you an email response in a couple of hours!