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When choosing a language in the profile, only five options are available. What about other languages from transifex.com?


Julian Dumitrascu started a proposal Mon 11 Mar 2019

using Loomio in Romanian Closed Sat 29 Feb 2020

I want to use Loomio in Romanian.

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Rob Guthrie
Tue 12 Mar 2019

Absolutely want to see this. If you're willing to translate it to around 90% then I will enable it.


Eduard Kurganskyi
Thu 4 Apr 2019

I think that the decision on whether to use the partially translated interface should be made by the user oneself. The official list should contain the language only when the translation is 90% complete. There should be an option to become a beta tester of an incomplete translation in Loomio.


Mon 19 Aug 2019



Mon 19 Aug 2019

is always fine that more people can use Loomio


Rob Guthrie Tue 12 Mar 2019

Here's a screenshot of the translation coverage by lanugage on transifex. Romanian needs a bit of work. If we enable it before it's ready it's a terrible experience, and that hurts Loomio's reputation.

I am fully supportive of adding more languages to Loomio, however it will require 1 person per lanugage to commit to keeping the language updated. After the initial translation has been completed it it not much work to keep it updated.


Eduard Kurganskyi Wed 13 Mar 2019

I will answer as a translator into Ukrainian :)

It will be better to have 2 persons per language. We are volunteers and we may have different life circumstances. Or maybe it will be the group of Coordinators / Reviewers on transifex.

It would be good to know the required translation level for the language. I think it could be somewhere 75-80%. But for translated or reviewed strings? Our team has not Reviewers...

It would be convenient to give feedback about the translation of individual strings for users. Context is not always clear when translating.

And yet. The lack of localization is something, that does not allow creating a community in Loomio. The absence of a community is something that does not provide a resource for localization. This is a vicious circle... The decision to disable languages should be taken carefully. Beta mode would be appropriate here.


Rob Guthrie Wed 13 Mar 2019

Thank you for your feedback on this.
I recently watched 2 people trying to translate Loomio and became aware of the context issues that translation raises. Formal vs informal language, and many other issues become a problem if you cannot see the translation in the context of where it is displayed.

I think translators will need real-time support when they start translating Loomio, and I wonder if we should organise an online "translation party" Zoom/Skype call, where translators all join a call and ask questions as they come up, after 1 or 2 hours I think a large number of the problems can be solved.

What do you think?


Eduard Kurganskyi Sat 16 Mar 2019

I think about motivation.
Firstly. It seems to me that the translator works for the community. And it would be right to give them a feedback tool in the first place. When the community made a comment regarding the translation and I have no answer - I will ask for support.
Secondly. If the path from the beginning of the translation to the appearance of the first users of my work will be very long - I will lose the motivation to do this.


Eduard Kurganskyi Mon 18 Mar 2019


If you're willing to translate it to around 90% then I will enable it.

Loomio is translated into Ukrainian by 90%


Rob Guthrie Mon 18 Mar 2019

That's fabulous! I've imported the translations and updated the site. Thank you very much for your support. It's wonderful.