Thu 11 Jun 2020

Empathy Circles Update: XR Principle #11!, Facilitator Training - Support, Values

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Upcoming Events

Extinction Rebellion Empathy Circles Work Group

Jun 13:
Our Empathy Circle Series Continues with Principle #11: What XR Principle Would You Add?
10am PST/1pm EST/6pm BST/ 7pm CEST

In this Empathy Cafe series, we will use the Empathy Circle process to discuss and explore a different Extinction Rebellion Principle each Saturday.  We will have an ongoing dialogue about the meaning and application of these principles.  Bring your questions, comments, feelings, thoughts, needs, and insights. You can share whatever is alive for you.

JUN 10: Empathy Circle Facilitator Training Sign Up

This is a free Empathy Circle Facilitator Training. Learn to facilitate an Empathy Circle. Join this event if you would like to take part in the training. This is a 4 session training, 2 hours per session.

JUN 12: Empathy Cafe. 10 Core Values of a Culture of Empathy
Every Friday: 10 am PST - 1 pm EST - 6 pm GMT - 7 pm CET 

In this series, we will use the Empathy Circle process to explore the underlying core values of a Culture of Empathy.  What are the basic values that make up an empathic society? 

JUN 12: Empathy Circle Facilitators Online Support Group: Fridays
12:30 pm PT/3:30 pm ET/  9:30 pm CET/8:30 pm GMT

A weekly call to talk about;
* Learning and deepening the Practice
* Developing, Promoting, Improving the Practice
* Tips, Experiences, * Successes, Challenges, Problems, Case Studies, Designing Training Material, Connecting with Co-Facilitators and Coordinators, Feedback and Support on Projects, etc 


Andy Wistreich Thu 11 Jun 2020

I would like to train in empathy circles but I am not on Facebook. Please tell me how I can register without joining Facebook