Tue 27 Mar 2018

3D-Printed Lower Limb (foot / shin)

David Chen Public Seen by 368

This isn't a proposal (yet), but the discussion in the fiberglass hand thread lead me to look into this idea of doing a lower limb. Based on what I've found online, 3D-printed feet is doable but there doesn't seem to be anyone offering an open source version.

The two most 'legit' versions I've found are a Australian research student's project and a startup. The student is now designing headphones, so I presume that nobody is carrying that project forward. His design should be in the public domain given they published a paper in 2015. The mecuris one is a bit of a question since the article makes it sound like it will be open sourced but so far it looks more like they are turning it into a business.

It won't be hard to reverse engineer either design and create a derivative of it. Either I or my business partner can easily produce the CAD and even do test prints. What I don't know about is how this stuff is fitted in the first place, and whether there are more liability issues involved. I've made an appointment with a local prosthetics office to do a consult on how the fitting works, and I can probably ask some of my lawyer friends regarding the liability and IP. But if it looks like there is a way to adapt the fitting process to something people can do from home, I think we should offer a foot.

Is this an area E-nable has explored in the past? Is there a body of research already done that I can review?




Chris Blanchard Wed 28 Mar 2018

Hi David, I have a friend here in the Philippines that is printing lower limb devices. I do the hands and he does the legs. This is his FB page if you want to chat with him. https://www.facebook.com/MadScienceCreations/


David Chen Fri 30 Mar 2018

Thanks, I'll reach out.


Adam Armfield Wed 28 Mar 2018

Here is design that we are currently building and testing. From a group in Indonesia. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2754691


David Chen Fri 30 Mar 2018

Curious, but how do you go about testing something like this?


Everton Lins Wed 9 May 2018