Mon 20 Jul 2015

PPI adopts the Sunstone Project

Andrew Reitemeyer Public Seen by 207

This idea came out of the Order of the Pirate Unicorn and is to establish a Think Tank to look into how Pirate Principles can be related to various policy areas with special attention to differing national situations. Iceland is proposed as the first test case as this would be.
Decisions made so far -
- that the name be Sunstone or include sunstone in the name as this is the mineral used by Viking navigators to locate the sun for navigation purposes. It is also called Icelandic spar and although protected in Iceland is plentiful in the world and can be used as a reward in the fundraising phase.
- That there be two phases of fundraising, an initial crowdfunder in Indegogo and an ongoing subscription model for continued funding
- The Think Tank be based in Iceland if that is not a political risk for PPIS
- The Think Tank employ 2-3 Icelanders to carry out the initial work needed.


Andrew Reitemeyer started a proposal Mon 20 Jul 2015

That PPI adopts the Sunstone Project Closed Tue 28 Jul 2015

This is a short term project for PPI - when Sunstone is able to be launched it will be a totally independent body. See the discussion for details

Votes here will only be valid if the preceding change to the rules of procedure are adopted.

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Henrique Peer
Tue 21 Jul 2015


Mon 27 Jul 2015


Richard Hill Tue 21 Jul 2015

I like the idea, and I'm OK with the name, and I have no problem with physically locating the Think Tank in Iceland, but I don't think that the initial work should be carried out only by Icelanders. It's OK for me if 2-3 Icelanders are funded (paid), but the work should be open to interested volunteer Pirates from other countries.

Can the project be modified to accept my suggestion? It would require adding the following bullet at the end:
- The Think Tank will be open for participation, including remote participation, by volunteer Pirates from other countries.


Andrew Reitemeyer Wed 22 Jul 2015

A part of the motivation for setting this up is to help PPIS into being part of a governing coalition at the next elections. We cannot legally give any help so providing Policies in Icelandic is as near as we can go. There is certainly scope for others to contribute. That is in the next phase

Here is Smári's concept document


Koen De Voegt Wed 22 Jul 2015

I like the idea and would definitely support it as is. I do however also have some remarks and questions:
* PPIS is currently not a member of PPI.
* Arguably PPIS is the PP that needs our help the least, they are government funded and are doing great in the polls, if anything they could help other PP's.
* Will research be published in English? If only in Icelandic that will reduce the international character of the initiative and the usefulness to other PP's.
* Why exactly a new organisation? Why not expand IMMI?


Richard Hill Wed 22 Jul 2015

Thank you for the link to Smari's concept document. I see that my concern regarding participation is covered, so I'm fine in that respect.

But I do agree with the points raised by Koen. Can others comment on those?



Andrew Reitemeyer Wed 22 Jul 2015

@koendv The fact that PPIS is not a member should not be a hindrance as the purpose of Sunstone and PPI is to work for all Pirate organisations. "Pirate Parties International exists to help establish, to support and promote, and to maintain communication and co-operation between pirate parties around the world." If we were restricted to only helping PPI members we could not help new Pirate parties and organisations.

It just makes sense that we provide what help we can legally do to see the first Pirate led national government elected.

PPIS funding is based on their last election results and is not enough to be able to prepare for possibly a government leading role in less than two years time.

I foresee that all work in Sunstone will be in published English. Iceland's politics will just be the first test case for applying Pirate Principles to a national polity. These decisions will have to be made by the first executive board.

I asked about IMMI but that does not come under its current purview and also is legally problematic.


Karla Mon 27 Jul 2015

I see... Thanks for the link and sounds good to me. Language is also of my concern but being this such an early stage there will be time to see how everything unfolds.


Gregory Engels Tue 28 Jul 2015

What would be the financial implications on PPI? Is this adoption would mean financial responsibility?