Save draft feature

Aija Zvidrina Public Seen by 85

Being always afraid of loosing my comment that I have been writing for good couple of minutes, I would feel better if I could click 'Save Draft' once in a while. Especially if that would mean that my comment would still be there if I would decide to return to it couple of hours later. I imagine it appearing as the same comment bubble but with my previously inserted text there already.

Same could be applied for discussions.


Aija Zvidrina Sun 7 Jul 2013

If this is hard to implement how about 'Are you sure you want to navigate away from the page. Your changes will be lost' pop-up when clicking somewhere else or closing?


Nicolas Wormser Sun 7 Jul 2013

I empathize @aijazvidrina! I've experienced how it feels to focus during 1 hour on writing something on Loomio carefully chosing your phrase, then you're out of battery power or you have to restart your computer and you lose everything... How frustrating!

Now I'm writing most of my lengthy Loomio posts in a offline editor (or, I have to admit… Gmail) before posting them onto Loomio. I however hate using that workaround and I think we should implement that feature sooner than later.


Matthew Bartlett Wed 15 Jan 2020

Accidentally closed a tab … lost 20 minutes of work drafting a big comment summarising outcomes of a meeting :'(


Rob Guthrie Wed 15 Jan 2020

I'm very sorry! Thanks for jumping this issue. We'll do what we can.


Matthew Bartlett Wed 15 Jan 2020

Thank you
In the end it actually only took 5 minutes to rewrite my summary :)