Wed 24 Jan 2018

Important Announcement: Organisers role after Jan 31st 2018

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This is a good place to discuss any ideas or issues relating to the announcement (below).

IMPORTANT UPDATE: From Jan 31st onwards @grahamehunter has agreed to take on an organisational role to ensure that OurFieldWeston continues - we think this is a brilliant way to move forward and have full confidence in OurFieldWeston carrying on fully as the collective wishes. @abbyrose (myself) and @annielandless will remain as co-investors, but not organisers, and the other organisers will not be directly involved. We will also be asking one co-investor to take on a more prominent role in the group, we are currently outlining the role and expect you will be compensated for your time, so watch this space if that is of interest! As you know there are currently two priorities, figure out what to do with the spelt and figure out if/how OurFieldWeston will continue in 2018. Grahame will be taking the lead on both of these points and give you all the opportunity to vote shortly. Thanks so much for sitting tight and we hope you agree it has been a great experience so far and we really hope it will continue to be a great project for many years to come!


Abby Rose Wed 24 Jan 2018

I hope the above announcement will clear up some of the confusion over the last month or two whilst there have been hints of the organisers changing shape. Please do ask me any questions if you wish for further clarification! It must also be acknowledged that none of the organisers were ever paid for any of their time on this project. We all did it on a volunteer basis and therefore I, as a member of the collective (and organiser), am grateful for the work that was done to make this happen, and recognise that it was not feasible for the organisers to continue in this way for whatever reason. The organisers money (£50 each collective member paid towards organisation) was spent on expenses for events, doing the accounts and legal expenses for a contract. There is some money remaining from this, which we intend to use to help pay for someone to manage some of the activities of the collective.
I also think this is a brilliant opportunity for the next stage of OurFieldWeston. This will be the first time a project like this has moved into its second year - very cool to see how longer term relationships develop as we manage the field in its second year (hopefully!).


Tony Allan Wed 24 Jan 2018

Dear Abby
Very many thanks Abby for the clarification.
The project depends totally on the extent that any proposed developments fit with John's vision. It would be good to hear what he thinks. That he attended the meeting in Hackney and said what he said there was a measure of his positive disposition in November. If he still feels the same I guess he will bless further development. But we need to know his reactions to suggestions on the structure that OurField should have. Thank you for devoting time to this discussion.


Grahame Hunter Fri 26 Jan 2018

How Grahame sees his role ahead

Commencing 01 January 2018, I have agreed to be the "caretaker" facilitator / accountant, for a nominal monthly fee of £1 per member per month until the cooperative members can either find a better person, or a volunteer to take over, or anything else: and I will keep going on that basis month to month, until I am asked to stop, really so OurField does not fall into a muddle.

In this continuing role I will

  • issue bi-monthly statements of cooperative members’ cash balances, and

  • organise the decision making polls as last year; and also push for decisions on crops, harvests etc; and liaise between the cooperative members and John Cherry /Richard Harding the agronomist.

  • John will of course continue to post directly to Loomio.

  • I will propose to the members the financial implications of continuing or stopping and different ways to achieve that, for them to choose.

  • If a viable quota of the members elect to continue (say, 30+) then I will describe some alternatives within the present structure of valuing the interests of new vs old members etc. etc. I will do this through the Loomio poll method, for existing members – who are the financial stakeholders - to choose.

  • As facilitator I will also nudge members towards a solution to disposal of last years’ harvest, and track the financial implications of that.

  • I will not be able to issue monthly news letters or run any social media for the Our Field project, nor take over anything Annie Landless has done in the past.

  • As before, I remain outside the membership group.


Tony Allan Sat 27 Jan 2018

Dear Grahame
Your message is very welcome. Thank you for setting out the things you will be doing for OurField and for being prepared to do them. And I look forward to hearing from Abby and Annie. I want to continue.

It would be very good to have a comment from John.


Wendy Alcock Sun 11 Mar 2018

Hi @abbyrose and @grahamehunter Did the below get finalised as this person could be good to do some marketing for the current co-investor recruitment.

From top post "We will also be asking one co-investor to take on a more prominent role in the group, we are currently outlining the role and expect you will be compensated for your time, so watch this space if that is of interest!"


Abby Rose Sat 24 Mar 2018

Hi @wendyalcock we had put this aside for now as we needed to get new co-investors on board asap so that we can vote about what to plant this year - as John needs to know by early April. Once we are through that then we will re-assess and see what's possible in terms of asking one co-investor to take on a more prominent role :)


Wendy Alcock Sat 24 Mar 2018

ok, thanks for the update Abby