The Future is Augmented!: AR is Constantly Making the Front Pages Across Several Industries

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The fictional days are long gone now. With technology taking centre stage in almost all aspects of our life, possibilities are being successfully converted into practicalities; at least most of them. Although fictional content has directed ‘impractical’ realities towards its audience, science has proven otherwise. As innovations have spearheaded their way into all industries, concepts such as augmented and virtual reality have been absolute game-changers. Ever since its inception, AR has derived applications that are not just limited to entertainment sector. AR is being used in the healthcare industry for predicting tumors and diseases as well as studying them through a virtual representation. Among the list of fascinating applications, certain end-uses in healthcare have stood out and at the current pace, AR looks set to dominate the ICT space. Driven by a wide range of applications, the global AR market is set to be worth $125 billion by 2026, states Fortune Business Insights in its latest report.