Wed 6 Jan 2016

Native application Design #UX #UI

Fabien Public Seen by 338

I registered here because I started a small project on my own to imagine a UX / UI design for a future native mobile application.
I started this project because I want to work as a UX designer and I have to create things for my online portfolio.
Anyway... I wanted to share some of the first design with you. If you find it useful for the development of diaspora then I'll keep on going, otherwise I don't think I'll spend too much time working on it...
here is a link to the first designs:


Bady Wed 6 Jan 2016

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ar.com.tristeslostrestigres.diasporanativewebapp - This is the app I currently use.

Anyway I loved your design. Looks great.


Fabien Thu 7 Jan 2016

Yes I have used it as well to get some insights and sort out the truly useful features and reorganize everything regarding the web version of diaspora as well. ;)


Cristóbal Gallardo Wed 6 Jan 2016

Great :) You should meet Martin V, martinv@diasp.org in diaspora to show him your design.
In my opinion, it is beautiful :)


Cristóbal Gallardo Thu 7 Jan 2016

I have put your proposal on d*


### :)


Fabien Thu 7 Jan 2016

Thank you very much , I'll probably have a word with Martin and keep on create/improve designs ;)