November 20th, 2018 18:20

[Announcement] new online tools

Ilja Baert
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There are some new tools available!

Have you ever needed to agree on a specific date and time for a meeting, but didn't have a decent tool to do it? Or maybe you want to hold a simple poll among some people, but no good tools are available? Fear not, because now we have https://parley.be/poll A simple online tool to create simple polls!

Or maybe you just want to send a file to someone, but the mail provider doesn't allow this kind of file? Just use https://parley.be/share Drag and drop the file you want to share, choose how long the file should be available (up to a month), press send and you'll get a link that you can send to everyone who might need it!

Neither of these tools needs a login and they are hosted on pirateparty servers. This means they are open to everyone and no information goes to yucky centralized services!

And of course, while you're waiting for a response, relax with a nice game of https://parley.be/hextris 'cause all work and no play makes us all a dull pirate ;)

These apps are installed on a yunohost-server. If you think we need other tools as well, feel free to look around what's available on the platform at https://yunohost.org/#/apps

If you like to have your own yunohost installation for your crew or project, feel free to contact it@pirateparty.be and ask us about it (or see https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Kittens#Conclusion ). If you don't know what yunohost is, you can get more information and even try it out at https://yunohost.org


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HgO November 20th, 2018 20:16

What about the Pirate Kitten and the feedback that crews gave us ? What tools could we install from these feedback ?

Besides, we could have a NextCloud, which could be federated with other crews. But this would be only there for the pirates. This would need more thinking, but I'm sure we could propose some nice service there. For instance, having a place to share press review, books, etc., would be such a great thing.

Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert November 20th, 2018 21:00

We didn't have that much feedback sadly (or not that I know of?) Nextcloud is a good idea, I haven't tested how the whole federation thing works, but Nextcloud is powerfull and it was something that came up during the kittens thing. Have you tried the federation yet?

Other pirate-only things could be a peertube for our videos (we don't have a lot, but some) and a git repo (something light like gitea would be enough IMO). But I wonder if we should put those under the parley domain as well, or rather under pirateparty or a pirateparty subdomain?


HgO November 20th, 2018 21:38

Have you tried the federation yet?

Yes, I tried with tierce and other friends. We can connect the server to other NextCloud instances, although I'm not sure what are the benefits of that. We can also share folders with / from other servers, which is interesting (the sharer can decide to keep control on the shared data).

Other pirate-only things could be a peertube for our videos

As you said, we don't have much videos right now, but I'm not against it in the future. Just that I don't know how stable and / or greedy peertube is…

git repo (something light like gitea would be enough IMO)

Yes, that would be great ! I'd say gitlab because that's the only alternative I know, but if you know gitea, why not ?

if we should put those under the parley domain as well, or rather under pirateparty or a pirateparty subdomain?

I'd say : it depends if you want it to be available to many people or not. Parley is nice to include people who don't know the pirate party. But piratparty.be is nice to display our name everywhere :) Soo I'd say git.pirateparty.be woud be better. I don't know for NextCloud ?