Wed 19 Oct 2016

Creativity Communications

Joe Public Seen by 360

"Attention Getter Project"

Let's create a graphic with text that compares capitalism to the meteor that struck planet Earth and wiped out most of the dinosaurs. That event took place in a very short period of time and radically disrupted the evolutionary process. Capitalism on the other hand was much slower, but did/is doing much the same thing to our planet, destroying/radically altering most every natural ecosystem within its bounds.

We can use this graphic to grab attention and intro those we capture to LE.

LE is similar to putting a nuke on a ballistic missile to remedy the asteroid challenge from happening again.

The world right now, as is, is fixated on describing the problems more clearly and point blame and NOT on creating solutions for them. We need to shift the storytelling to problem solving. Most everyone recognizes and feels the problems and knows what's to blame (the current economic model), but few can see the path forward to a future with improvement.

Let's shift the conversation!


Betsy Avila Wed 19 Oct 2016

This is a pretty neat idea. @mariamania, is this a graphic we can make? Maybe a cartoon like this already exists somewhere...