Friday, Feb. 7: Empathy Cafe: How might XR effectively address and mediate conflict?

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Democracy depends on citizens being able to constructively work out their interpersonal and social differences, arguments, divisions and conflicts effectively.

Conflict is a normal part of life.  XR has many of its own differences and conflicts. Empathy Circles are a very effective process of mediating and working out conflict.

In this Series of Empathy Cafes, we will use the Empathy Circle process to discuss and take tangible actions on; How might Extinction Rebellion more effectively mediate, facilitate and resolve conflict?

See the Report From the  first Jan 31 Empathy Cafe on Conflict

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(  ) Friday, Feb. 7
(  ) Friday, Feb. 14
(  ) Friday, Feb. 21

also post answers in this thread.

  • * What are your personal experiences of conflict in XR?

  • * Are you personally part of, or have seen, unresolved conflicts in XR?  Tells us about them?

  • * What is working well for conflict resolution? And why?

  • * What is not working? And why?

  • * What unresolved conflicts do you see in XR?

  • * What conflict resolution resources do know about?

  • * What conflict resolution resources would you like to request or offer?

  • * How to take the steps to be a conflict mediator-facilitator?

  • * What ideas do you have for moving forward?


Rosa Zubizarreta Sun 2 Feb

Yay Edwin!!!! Congratulations!!!! So happy for all of us, that you are doing this... YAY!!!!!


Rosa Zubizarreta Sun 2 Feb

p.s. Have been introducing Empathy Circles to various places in XR... also just in small-group working groups. Sometimes people think it's just about connection... yet what I've found is that when we are connecting well, and understanding one another more deeply, we can get more effective work done, as well... yay Empathy Circles!!!!


Edwin Rutsch Sun 2 Feb

Hi Rosa

We need to do a better job of showing and explaining the areas where Empathy Circles can be used. For example.

1. Community Building: For nurturing connection, trust building, mutual understanding.

2. Effective Working: creating a collaborative and constructive work environment. Like Dynamic Facilitation (aka, Empathic Inquiry) creates.

3. Personal Support: getting deeper emotional support for personal issues. Support for feelings of alienation, depression, grief, anxiety, fear, stress, etc

4. Democracy Building: is foundational for people to relate with each other for deep democracy to flourish.

5. Conflict Resolution: that is what the above Empathy Cafe is for, on conflict.

6. Empathic Direct Action (EDA): a new form of Non-Violent Direct Action. (NVDA) We will be holding an Empathy Cafe on this shortly.

7. Empathic Design (aka Human Centered Design).
For anything that is designed, the designers need to be aware of the felt experience their designs will created.

Add any suggestions for how they can be used:


Mofwoofoo Sun 2 Feb

non-violent communication (cnvc.org) or empathy circles, i guess.


Suzanne Savage Sun 2 Feb

So, according to Carol Rogers, does this mean that women DO listen effectively, and it's just men who don't?


Edwin Rutsch Sun 2 Feb

:-) I think Rogers wrote this back in the 60's when this 'Man' (as in mankind) term was used. He later apologized for not being sensitive to the the gender issues and changed his vocabulary in the 60's and 70's etc to be more gender inclusive or neutral.


Edwin Rutsch Sun 2 Feb

now he might say, "Peoples inability to communicate is a result of their failure to listen effectively." 


Edwin Rutsch Sat 8 Feb

Here is the video and report from yesterday's 2020-02-07
Empathy Cafe: How might XR more effectively mediate conflict?

Join us next week at: Facebook Event

Empathy Circle 1.

JayB: My first experience a few hours ago.  It was extraordinary. Great to see more brothers coming through.  Nice. Uplifting people emotionally and spiritually, where you can express your thoughts and have someone reflect.  Really looking forward to hearing more of that. Big up to the floor. A new beginning again to fit in and cooperate.  

What I Like about Empathy Circles Cheila Rodrigues

My  personal opinion, you guys are rock stars to me.  What I just experience it was really, really amazing. The whole process of rephrasing what someone is telling us, without judgment, is a whole new process for me, but I was really, really motivated and looking forward to this.  I have my mind full of ideals that I want to discuss and share, and that's really good.

I feel that my country is so far behind on everything that we are experiencing here. The real talk between people.  I have a lot on my mind at this time, so I I'm digesting the process,  but I loved rephrasing.

Cheila Rodrigues

 What I Like about Empathy Circles John Roff

I am impressed. I met people from all over the world this morning and had conversation that felt was meaningful, that was valuable.  It’s such a simple thing, it's such a simple structure, and I'm encouraged that this can be done.   It opens a space. I mean this is good stuff. Thank you for he way that you've held this space. It  encourages me. John Roff


Joe Milton Sun 9 Feb

Thanks Edwin :)


Joexr Wed 12 Feb

Very good point. Thank you so much for this