Tue 3 Jul 2018

Typeform questionaire tool.

John Rhoads Public Seen by 308

Found a really cool, free on-line questionnaire creation tool. The following link is to one I created that can be used to triage people Economics Questionaire. It's not that one result or another is wrong. It just means some people are less informed or more sick than others. What's fascinating is that this type of tool and technique can be used in conjunction with direct democracy to actually figure out what people know, don't know, believe, don't believe and then exchange information in order to help those that never had the opportunity to engage.


Paul Bindel Tue 3 Jul 2018

I wish you could read how other people voted. It's a fairly narrow line of reasoning, but I like the concept overall.


venkata mangina Sun 12 Aug 2018

done completing the form. And One of the question there is ability to distribute the money equally. So about that can we have a cooperative society where we can exchange everything for free and all the basic needs should be covered by the government or a transparent system.