Thu 19 Sep 2019

9/19/19: 10am, TODAY = 1st LIVESTREAM of MIT's uLab 1X 2019

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"Never doubt that a small, thoughtful group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." -- Margaret Mead

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As in previous years, #RE2020 will be using MIT's uLab -- a FREE online course -- as a framework for discerning “what wants doing” in the real estate ecosystem and society.

Tune-in at 10am TODAY Thurs, 9/19/19 and over the next 12 weeks get a multi-sector perspective on the future -- what's ending, what presenting and what's emerging:



Beyond uLab's systemic approach to change is a very personal model of peer-to-peer education, field research / engagement, and iteration. That translates to watching just four monthly lectures, finding or forming small coaching circles online or locally off with fellow change agents, and supporting each other's dreams. For busy people, the good news is there everything is optional and self-paced.

As in the past, RE2020 will post content here for RETech innovators. As individuals discern their intentions for the semester, invite them to share them here to discover potential synergy partners.

If you're in Cambridge or Boston and want to watch this morning's kick-off together, text Bill Wendel at 617-661-4046.

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COMING SOON: Because of the late notice, will most likely host a watch party soon and invite special guests from a crowdfunding startup to join us. Eager to see if their community benefit funding model can help transform uLab prototypes into self-sustaining businesses or non-profits.


Bill Wendel Thu 19 Sep 2019

OMG -- this is getting retweeted by a number of people, including @MITxULab https://twitter.com/RealEstateCafe/status/1174690012073472000?s=20


Bill Wendel Thu 19 Sep 2019

Still time to join the guided meditation, journaling exercise to begin sensing, setting your intentions for the future