Tue 11 Apr 2017

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Take a moment to let the group know a bit about who you are. Post a comment below.

What’s your role or approach to participation in this group? What should people know about you to understand where you’re coming from?


Thomas Beckett Wed 12 Apr 2017

Hello, hello. Is this thing on?

Thomas Beckett here in Durham, North Carolina.


Matthew Cropp Thu 13 Apr 2017

Hi! I'm Matt Cropp of Burlington, Vermont, USA.

My day job is as associate director of the Vermont Employee Ownership Center (VEOC), which works with worker co-ops and ESOPs, and relevant other projects include being the founder of a co-op brewpub start-up, Chief Manager of the Vermont Solidarity Investing Club (which invests in co-ops), involved with the #BuyTwitter campaign, core organizer in the Platform Co-op Investment Club project (in formation), and on the board of the Laboratory B hackerspace in Burlington.

I'm stoked for this project because I think we are at a strategically opportune moment to harness the vision of community-controlled social media being spread by the #BuyTwitter campaign's to an open-source infrastructure that seems like it just might be up to the task of scaling the platform co-op alternative that we really desperately need.

Let's do this. :)

P.S. My current Mastodon account is mattcropp@mastodon.social, if you want to connect there.


Michele Kipiel Thu 13 Apr 2017

Hello everyone, Michele here, hailing from sunny Como, northern Italy.
I'm the one who (quite unexpectedly) kickstarted the discussion around the whole mastodon coop server, so feel free to blame me for the barrage of posts and comments that ensued soon after :)

I do UX and analytics for a living but I'm an open source geek at heart. I'm into philosophy, economy, cooperatives, military history, videogames and plenty of other stuff I don't want to bore you with.

Let's get this party started!


romina Sun 16 Apr 2017

Romina Killpack located in Salt Lake City, UT.

i co-founded a (now defunct) experimental workers cooperative a few years ago (i'll get around to putting the project sites back up eventually). i do UI/UX for a living, but i love hacking on all kinds of free software. i want to make the world a better place.

i've recently started working on https://www.bbnet.io, but i'm definitely interested in pursuing other cooperative options.

i am @xj9@social.heldscal.la and @roroyourboat@mastodon.social


Mayel de Borniol Sun 16 Apr 2017

Hi everyone! Just realised I hadn't introduced myself here. I'll do so by presenting a few projects I'm working on. Also check my website http://deborniol.com for more...

http://ora.network – Newest nonprofit project, aiming to be a global digital skill-sharing marketplace based on the principles of time banking, open-source, and the commons. Think of a currency where a new token (Ora) is created (out of thin air, like any form of money) every time someone contributes one hour to an opensource/nonprofit project – who can then use that Ora to pay someone else to work on their own project. I hope it will help techies and other digital workers have more temporal autonomy to contribute to the commons, and to collaborate on each others projects, with no money in the picture.

https://getacross.org – A community and nonprofit tools to get across language barriers. There’s an app for realtime interpretation with remote volunteers (on iOS - Android to be developed soon - open source). Also a text translation tool (in beta) that passes each sentence through multiple automatic engines (commercial and open-source), and then translators and bilingual volunteers can go through them turn by turn and pick the best version (and edit/improve it). Makes getting things translated faster and more collaborative, and creates a shared non-commercial translation memory (used to pre-translate any similar phrases in others’ texts, and can be used to train AI).

Khora – Helped set up a computer lab in this awesome community centre in Athens, where hundreds of refugees and volunteers help each other each day, with language lessons, cooking 300+ meals a day, among many other activities, the latest being digital education - from computer literacy to HTML development. Khora is a nonprofit co-op foundation with a great ethos and very bottom-up, open and collaborative approach to getting things done.

https://cloudvault.me – A pet project, providing people or organisations with private servers in the cloud, so they can take complete control of their data, privacy, and security. I'm using it to push open-source and decentralised alternatives to the commercial cloud apps everyone uses.


Nathan Schneider Mon 17 Apr 2017

I'm Nathan Schneider, a reporter and professor at CU Boulder. I'm a documenter and supporter of the platform co-op movement, as well as an instigator of #BuyTwitter, and the primary developer of ioo.coop. I'm very eager to see this effort succeed. It's part of what I hope will be a broader movement for cooperative cloud services, which I've begun outlining at ioo.coop/clouds.

I would love to see this up and running as soon as possible so I can use it and help others get on board!


Stephanie Jo Kent Mon 17 Apr 2017

Hi everyone,

I'm a social scientist and action researcher exploring on-the-ground applications of IT tech to enhance social resilience.

Specifically I'm interested in how tech can support the diversity of relationships and modes of communication that compose whole human systems. Rather than flattening and homogenizing, can we design in ways that promote differences within fields of equality?
And then leverage these 'diversity fields' to improve the quality of decision-making so that we can do more to address huge societal problems?

The coop model is exciting! I'm happy to be part of this effort.


John Gieryn Tue 18 Apr 2017

I'm john; I build relationships between and within networks, especially across social barriers (in my less humble moments I might call myself a community organizer or coalition-builder).

I'm from Wisconsin, originally, where I got my sea legs for social justice/ change work on the ground floor the occupation, the Wisconsin Uprising, of 2011. I also developed a keen longing to be part of a worker-owned co-op during my year there. I work in Indianapolis, now, with a community empowerment center and a art collective that runs a Tool Lending Library. I also am part of Enspiral, where I put my mechanical engineering degree, with its focus on systems, comms, and workflow, to work.

I love exploring, be it ideas, places, music (I play, dance, and listen), and I especially enjoy collaborative exploration, sense-making, and production.


Thomas Beckett Tue 23 May 2017

Dropping in to say hello to all and to apologize for my absence the past few weeks. This month has been very busy working towards a grant deadline this Friday and an event we are hosting on Saturday. Hope to return more regularly in June.

Congratulations to the organizers on an excellent effort with #BuyTwitter. A tactical loss perhaps, but still a strategic advance.


Nathan Schneider Tue 23 May 2017

Welcome friends!


Nathan Schneider Tue 23 May 2017


Jason Wiener Thu 25 May 2017

Well, hello tooters. Congratulations to all on the >3% shareholder vote to #buytwitter.

I am Jason, a Colorado-based cooperative developer and attorney, where I run a boutique law/consulting practice and cooperative development effort to build authentic sharing economy ventures. I focus on distributed ownership design, entity formation, financing and securities (non-extractive, non wealth-based), and general transactional services.

My practice is a certified B-Corp/public benefit corporation.

I have experience designing and forming multi-stakeholder cooperatives in the tech, online, worker, local food, farmland, healthcare, transportation and other sectors.

More information about my practice is available at www.jrwiener.com and our public benefit reports provide a high degree of transparency into our work and our social/environmental performance.

Happy to be connected and happy to help however I can.



Nathan Schneider Fri 26 May 2017

Welcome, Jason!


Joshua Chandler Sun 4 Jun 2017

Hello! I live in the St Louis area (Missouri). I work at a credit union in the area and am a member of a second credit union. For a short while I was involved with the IWW, which has a long-term goal of essentially converting traditional businesses into worker co-ops through union actions and federating them. I don't think I'm well-suited for that kind of confrontational approach though, so I'm looking to get into the more creative side of the co-op movement. I'm a regular patron of several worker co-ops, but social.coop is the first one (other than my credit union) that I have been a member of. I heard about coop.social through the #BuyTwitter campaign. I'm excited to get involved, but still considering which working group to apply to. On social.coop, my handle is @Canvasian :sweat_smile:

P.S., I'm reluctant to name the credit union I work for just because if I do, their social media policy goes into effect, and I just find it too confusing / convoluted to risk :p but I bank at West Community Credit Union, and work at a more poverty-alleviation-focused credit union.


Rory McCann Tue 6 Jun 2017

Wow, I forgot to post here! I'm Rory, originally from Ireland, now in Germany. I work with OpenStreetMap, and other open source stuff. I don't know much about co-ops, yous all are more knowledgeable. (Though I did co-found a hackerspace in Ireland) Though mastodon I discovered the idea of a co-op owned social network, which is something that should exist! You're opening my eyes to the existance of co-ops as an alternative to traditional shareholder owned companies!

I don't know how much I have to offer, so I'll mostly be deferring to others. But i'll help pay and cheer people on maybe. :)


Michele Kipiel Tue 6 Jun 2017

Welcome to our small corner of the fediverse Rory :)


Rory McCann Tue 6 Jun 2017

Whoops, I'm @ebel@social.coop


Tobias Damm-Luhr @tobiasfdl Tue 6 Jun 2017

Hello, I'm very excited to see social.coop get off the ground too! I work as an attorney, and my interests include coops, immigrant communities, and languages/language learning. I'm eager to help out with any cooperative governance issues and get my feet wet in this area.


Michele Kipiel Tue 6 Jun 2017

Welcome! :)


Steve Herrick Tue 19 Sep 2017

Hi, I'm Steve, from Madison, WI. I'm the founder and president of the Interpreters' Co-op of Madison, and a big fan of worker co-ops in general. I'm particularly fascinated with the recovered businesses of Argentina, and, of course, with Mondragon. Not coincidentally, I'm translating books on both. My other big interest is creating a remote conference interpreting platform.


Michele Kipiel Tue 19 Sep 2017

Hi Steve, welcome to social.coop :) Looking forward to reading those books!


cloudwater Wed 20 Sep 2017

I never introduced myself on Loomio! You can call me Lehigh or cloudwater if lehighcommunalist is too long.

Over the course of this year, I've been on a mission to put theory into practice. As such, I've gotten into a bit of activism with the pipelines here in Pennsylvania. Currently trying (in my limited spare time) to get an activist media collective started at waterislifepa.org. I joined social.coop on a whim because I thought it was an interesting experiment. I figured it would be a great place to learn new things and put my communalist ideals into practice. And so far, I was right on the money. :)


Alan (@alanz) Wed 20 Sep 2017

Hi, I'm Alan Zimmerman, from Cape Town, South Africa

My interests are the decentralised internet, mesh networks and the like. This is my first look into the co-op space.


Gyula Weber Wed 20 Sep 2017

Hi, I'm Gyula, and I'm from Hungary, but moving to Luxembourg in the next month. I work as a DevOps Engineel for a long time, in different companies. I'm interested in p2p, co-ops, decentralization and things like that. There is no single reason, but one is that I think that trusting in more people is more beneficial (less risky) than trusting a single entity fully because it makes that entity a highly valuable target to anyone who want to abuse it.


Lauren Wed 20 Sep 2017

Hi! I'm Lauren, currently living in Los Angeles (originally from Pennsylvania). I'm a Philosophy grad student and union steward at UCLA. Happened upon the platform co-op conference when I was living in NYC and have been thinking about transitioning to tech ever since. I'm really excited to learn about collective governance where everyone is remote.


Nathan Schneider Wed 20 Sep 2017

Welcome, Lauren! It's great to have you here!


Michele Kipiel Thu 21 Sep 2017

Hi Lauren, welcome on board :)


Jochen Timmermans Wed 27 Sep 2017

Hey all! My name is Jochen, I'm a freelance PHP&Python developer based in Brussels, Belgium. In my free time I do some volunteer translation for FSF. My interests are mainly in open source software, aimed particularly at decentralization. That's also the main reason I'm very excited to be here!


Gabriela Avram Wed 27 Sep 2017

Hi, my name is Gabriela. I am based in Limerick, Ireland. I have lived in Germany and Luxembourg before moving to Ireland in 2005. I am originally from Romania. I went to OpenCoop 2017 in London and I grew more and more interested in the topic. I was quite sceptical in the beginning, having grown up in a communist country where a strange form of cooperativism was forced upon us. But the more I read about platform cooperativism, the more I want to make such things happen. I am lecturing in Interaction Design and I am passionate about supporting communities with digital technologies.


Michele Kipiel Thu 28 Sep 2017

A warm welcome to our new members :)


[deactivated account] Sat 30 Sep 2017

Hello, my name is Paul and I am a web developer in Cape Town, South Africa. I've been lurking for a few days and have just donated via OpenCollective to Social.coop. While I was lurking I saw that you were all getting things done. Decisions were being made, there was progress. That's an important part of an effective project. Too many decentralisation projects are stuck with a great idea and no collective progress.

My main interest though is in linking up digital with local. I work for ChangeX.org which is all about global ideas applied locally. I want people in my local community to be using these digital tools to both better their local and the global community. Too often local means rejecting global and that's not what I want to see happen. Federation is a good way to go for having local communities that stay in touch with global trends.


Alan (@alanz) Sat 30 Sep 2017

@paulmwatson hello from Somerset West :)


[deactivated account] Sat 30 Sep 2017

:slight_smile: I'm living in Land en Zeezicht near Lourensford.


Greg Mon 2 Oct 2017


I'm Greg (@greg on social.coop) and am really excited about joining this coop. I was an early user of identi.ca (it was made public on my birthday, July 2nd, when I was an intern at Creative Commons, so I met Evan that day as he was frantically talking to people and making sure his server was still up) and a long time user/contributor to FLOSS. I work at the Wikimedia Foundation as the manager of the Release Engineering team.

I'm also a father of 2 awesome/active boys; currently 5.5 years and 17 months old. I am a bit worried about the only 6 day minimum for decisions via loomio for that reason (I don't have a ton of spare time to truly engage quickly on many topics), but I hope it'll be OK. :)


[deactivated account] Tue 3 Oct 2017

Good point on 6 day minimum for decisions, Greg. I noticed yesterday, Monday, morning that I'd missed a few polls over the weekend. I'm with my kids and family on the weekend, don't open email.


Johannes Ernst Wed 4 Oct 2017

Hi everybody,

I'm very happy that this group exists and does what it does, so I joined immediately once I found out about it! We can band together and provide technology for ourselves, and don't need to depend on the Google's and the Facebook's of the world. (At least that's what I think social.coop's instigators had in mind. If so, IMHO this is the model for the future of providing consumer technology -- much better than letting the data miners exploit us. This is very exciting!)

I'm a software-geeky entrepreneur (Indie Computing) who is currently building an operating system for self-hosting websites on personal servers (UBOS), runs a little side project site that lists products that don't screw us (indietech.rocks), likes the idea of an Indie IoT, hangs out with the Indie Web guys, used to hang out with the decentralized internet identity folks (IIW and OpenID), is a foster/adoptive parent of 3, and so forth. I blog at upon2020.com and I'm @j12t@social.coop.

I also think that those of us who think decentalized, user-controlled technology is better than the "state of the art" need to band together and bring complementary products to market, together. Otherwise we'd never have a chance because the overlords are just too big. If you are inclined to agree, please reach out!


Michele Kipiel Wed 4 Oct 2017

Welcome to all our new members :) It's a joy to see so many enthusiasts joining!


Jon Irving Thu 12 Oct 2017

Hello! I'm Jon, a serial immigrant originally from Leeds, England, and most recently a Canadian living in Toronto. I'm a contract programmer and general software person, with a particular interest in functional programming - been doing a lot of Clojure lately, and am on the lookout for OCaml or Haskell work - I'm pretty good at learning new stuff quickly.

My most recent employer is a data science "incubator" which partners with corps to do infrastructure projects, which suits me quite well. Last project was a P2P marketplace for home solar PV customers in Australia - coming up with a model for trading which encourages desirable behaviour without imposing too much cognitive overhead on customers.

I'm fundamentally a socialist at heart, tho I have been a reasonably successful participant in the tech industry - at a distance. I work remotely, and focus on providing a supportive environment for my family. I have three kids, all mid to late teen now, all (differently) queer and proud SJWs. I am in turn deeply proud of them, and consider them my greatest accomplishment. Yes, it's all my work :P

I am enjoying the atmosphere of social.coop so far - it reminds me of the early idealism of the internet (I'm pushing 50, seen a few internet generations) as well as apparently being genuinely functional. This is very rare..

I see on other threads that there may be some need for technical work or support for the Co-op's infrastructure, based in a North American timezone. I'd like to have a conversation about that, and figure out if I might help. I've done a bunch of rails work in the past, and I am well versed in infra matters (I did a full terraform makeover for my most recent employer's AWS and docker deployment), so I may be of some use to you all.

Happy to be here :)


Neil Fri 1 Dec 2017

Hi all! I'm Neil. I'm really happy to be a part of social.coop. I'm finding it very fertile ground for discussion on politics, anti-capitalism and technology, all things very much of interest to me, so it's great to be on board. I've lately been getting into decentralised tech, so the fact that it's a mastodon instance is even better!

Most of my working life has been as a software (mainly web) developer, but I have most recently moved into the position of tech and data lead, so am currently getting my feet wet with some of the more strategic, less technical stuff. It's an interesting transition, though I love coding, so am still trying to keep my hand in when I can.

My main side project at the moment is my own website, which I'm trying to run in an indieweb way. In fact, I usually post to my website first, and then syndicate it out to social.coop.

I work for a UK-based charity called The Restart Project. We help people learn to repair electronics, promote repair and resilience, and advocate for better device design, all to try to ameliorate the repercussions of over consumption of electronics. (Plus fixing stuff is fun :) )

We've had great support from a tech coops on a couple of our projects, which has really turned me on to the idea of cooperativism, particularly in tech. I hope to learn more about that here.

Great to meet you all :)


Michele Kipiel Sat 2 Dec 2017

Welcome to Loomio! Glad to have you on board :)


muninn Sat 9 Dec 2017

Hi all, I joined because I was looking for a stable Mastodon host where I could have a presence to talk about research, issues, and advocacy related to bipolar disorder and metal health in general. social.coop seemed like a good match - my username is muninn on there. I haven't had too much exposure to coops beyond using credit unions for most of my finances for many years, and shopping at a couple coops now and then.

I'm also a recovering software engineer, and I have a lot of experience in online communities. :)


Michele Kipiel Mon 11 Dec 2017

Welcome :)


Andrew Wed 14 Feb 2018

Hello, I'm Andrew from Birmingham UK. Looking forward to getting involved and learning more about how Social.coop is run by it's members. Also glad to see there is a reading group just starting up :)


caseyg Fri 23 Feb 2018

[Cross-posting my Mastodon #introduction: https://social.coop/@caseyg/99576838795997517]

Hi, I'm Casey! 👋

I'm an artist, teacher, designer and web developer based in Brooklyn, NY.

Interested in learning more about the history & future of cooperative structures, especially around higher education, distributed collaboration, durational organizing + activism.

You can find me online at my personal site (http://cag.wiki), my work site (http://hire.caseyagollan.com), and on twitter (http://twitter.com/caseyg).

—excited to be here + to jump into some discussions soon.


Petar Sat 24 Feb 2018

Hi all 😊 Thank you for letting me become part of this community. I have just joined Social Coop and I'm still finding my feet.

A few quick bits of data about me. I'm from Bulgaria (we're currently running the EU 😁). I'd describe myself as a social media marketing junkie. I'm a very open-minded person that digs deep in philosophy, psychology, religion, technology to name a few. I like to keep my mind occupied.

Looking forward to getting to know all members here. You can find me at https://social.coop/@petar


Paul Lindner Sun 25 Feb 2018

[Also cross posting https://social.coop/@lindner/99584109598880659 - if only there were standards and protocols to make this easier!]

I'm here because I want to help promote Platform Coops. This is the future I always envisioned back when I was on the Gopher team in the early nineties.

Currently supporting Resonate music coop effort, Riot/Matrix, Known, Mastodon, and OpenCollective.

Interests include Digital Preservation (developer on Perkeep) and decentralized protocols.

Day job is at Google, but I'm not your typical Googler.

More at http://1500wordmtu.com

Also a post about supporting Resonate via supporter shares here:

Fun facts:
- Living in Oakland, California for many years now.
- Went to a summer camp sponsored by my Rural Electric Coop when I was a teen. Can confirm - coal powered electric plants are dirty.


Melody Mon 26 Feb 2018

Hey, my name is Melody. I'm a worker-owner and software engineer for a worker-owned cooperative in the US.

My main interests are online community management, anti-harassment/anti-abuse, and governance. Looking forward to participating!


Michele Kipiel Mon 26 Feb 2018



[deactivated account] Mon 26 Feb 2018


I've just joined social.coop as @twsh@social.coop. I'm interested in the idea of cooperatively owned social media, and coops in general. I'm based in Dublin, Ireland.


Jake Beamish Tue 27 Feb 2018

Hi, I'm Jake, quite recently had my submission accepted and set up @jakebeamish@social.coop. I'd been looking for an appropriate social media alternative for quite a while until happily stumbling across this instance, and I'm really looking forward to contributing here and on Mastodon. 😀


David Mynors Mon 5 Mar 2018

Hi, I'm @idmyn@social.coop and I'm excited to get involved with the things going on here!

I'm currently a religious studies student based in Edinburgh/London but I'm working towards a career in a UX.

I'm here because I'm really interested in decentralisation and cooperative governance, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck in 😄


[deactivated account] Sun 18 Mar 2018

Hello, I'm @ron_houk@social.coop. I work at a public library in Ottumwa, IA. I'm excited to be part of the coop. I'm interested in learning about cooperatives in general. Ideally, I'd like to apply what I learn here toward community building in my local community. Social.coop seems to be a place brimming with ideas and positivity. Thanks for allowing me to join in.


Nick S Mon 19 Mar 2018

I seem to have failed to introduce myself here, although I've been a member since December '17.

I'm an Edinburgh, UK based software engineer. I joined this experiment to self-educate, "find the others" and maybe even find a route to happily co-operative self-determination.

Motivated by, well, yes: terror of the destination global society seems to heading for. I'd like to be a Spaceship-Earth Buckminster-Fullerist, but find myself a bit Vonnegutian, apparently complete with a taste for absurd humour.

Basically wanting to unravel the error of our ways, whilst trying to stay as sane as I can as a consumer in a consumer society pooping on itself and everything in sight.

Interested in monetary and economic reform, hopeful of P2P Foundation, Commons Transition and The Next System Project, and listening to Douglas Rushkoff.

From all this and a natural sense of alienation from employment came the hope that co-operative ownership might be part of the solution. Or at least, a way to mitigate where business as usual is taking us... Or at least, maybe a happier way for me to make a living.

I am a co-founder member of http://edinburghhacklab.com, and currently helping to kick-start a local P2P Foundation meetup.


Guy James Tue 3 Apr 2018

Hi Nick, you seem like someone who might be interested in https://fair.coop if you didn't already know about it. Your interests coincide with mine to a great extent and I have been involved with FairCoop since its inception. If you need any info about how to get involved please let me know. :)


[deactivated account] Tue 3 Apr 2018

Hi all! I've been a member since last autumn, but not introduced myself before. So!

I'm a writer and translator, and I'm also a founding member & current board member of a publishing cooperative Osuuskumma (http://osuuskumma.fi). Other than cooperativity I'm interested in languages (currently I can use Finnish, English, Swedish and Dutch widely, and I've studied several other languages so that I can read them with various skills), bicycles (in casual urban sense (”Dutch style”), not as a sport), trains, cities & urbanism in general, and of course books. My favourite pastime is reading.

If I was to describe myself with one hashtag, that could be #velopunk. Coincidentally, that's the genre of my first novel, coming out in Aug 2018.

And oh, at the moment I live in Finland (more exact coordinates are available for those who may want to meet me irl), but that's subject to change.


spudboy Tue 10 Apr 2018

Eric from Los Angeles. I'm active on mastodon and matrix. social.coop/@spudboy


Gabe Tue 10 Apr 2018

Hey! I'm Gabe, a web developer, comic book reader, and foss-enthusiast. Joined the mastodon instance several weeks ago and am just now finally getting around to joining the loomio group.

Look forward to meeting cool people, helping the community grow, and working toward a better, brighter, decentralized and open internet!


Blake Haswell Tue 17 Apr 2018

Hello! I'm Blake, I'm interested in technology, particularly the open web and FOSS, and I dabble in electronics as a hobby. I live with my wife and cat in Lake Macquarie, Australia, and I'm a software developer by trade.

Like @gabegabegabe, I joined social.coop a couple of months ago and I've also only just got around to joining the Loomio group. I'm looking forward to getting involved, learning, and helping where I can. 👍


Danyl Strype Thu 26 Apr 2018

I’m Danyl Strype, a trouble-maker and general rapscallion, and outlaw and in in-law, a professional volunteer, an environmental, human rights, and technology freedom activist. I currently post on the fediverse as @strypey@quitter.se (uptime has been pretty patchy lately), and those posts are echoed on the birdsite under the handle @danylstrype (some gym nut beat me to my usual username!). My activities have been organised for about a decade under the one-person umbrella of Disintermedia.net.nz, which points to a blog and wiki kindly hosted by CoActivate.org. More about my background can be found there:

(fair warning; it’s long and messy, efficiently shameless self-promotion is not my strong suite)


Karl Schultheisz Fri 27 Apr 2018

I'm Karl, in Lancaster County, PA. My role in society is that of the system designer. I work as a software engineer, although my background is in electrical engineering. I'm self-educated in many subjects, especially philosophy and systems analysis. My understanding of philosophical holism is partly what interests me in cooperatives.

If you really want to understand something, there's no substitute for actually experiencing it. Hence my joining social.coop. But also, I am proposing to create an Internet service provider cooperative in my area. There's much to do at this early stage, but my short-term goal is to find collaborators. Feel free to reach out (https://social.coop/@kdsch), if just for a stimulating discussion.


Graham Fri 27 Apr 2018

I'm Graham, based in the South Pennines in Yorkshire, UK. I've been starting, running, working with/for/in cooperatives since the late 80s, including a spell with Co-operatives UK (the national support org for cooperatives in the UK). I'm a generalist. I know a lot about using CiviCRM and Drupal (less so about Wordpress), a bit about Linux. I know about marketing and communications. I think I'm a pretty good salesperson. I'm a socialist/anarcho-syndicalist. I'm a member of FairCoop and help run the FairCoin crypto network in a small way. Current projects include establishing a new platform cooperative to support people wanting to start new cooperatives and/or develop existing co-ops (https://platform6.coop) and also enaged in a local initiative to develop a solidarity economy think/do tank where I live. My co-op - http://mc3.coop - is part of CoTech


qxp Sat 28 Apr 2018

Hi, I'm Phoebe, based in Manchester, UK. I haven't been involved in any cooperatives before but have a number of coop organising friends (mostly housing and/or food distribution based) and have always been interested in the idea. I'm pretty keen on the idea of cooperatively run social media. I used to be actively involved in radical politics but mostly serve in a background capacity doing childcare and moral support these days.

I do infosec testing for a job, and code in a fair range of languages (I'm pretty keen on Rust recently, but have done various sorts of stuff from C to front end web dev). I contribute occasionally to OSS projects but don't have any huge commitments in that sphere right now (partly because keeping current in infosec is a constant losing battle). I'm also a radio ham.

I'm kind of hoping one day to build or get involved in some sort of tech coop with security consultancy features and trying to help democratise tech/infosec education in a useful way to reduce the degree to which ability to operate and participate in our emerging tech landscape is governed by capital. Joining/contributing to social.coop is a tiny step for me towards that.


Michael Tue 1 May 2018

I became a member of social.coop because I feel that much of today’s online world is essentially broken, straying as it does from the open, people-focused web which has so much in common with co-operative values and which many of us once presumed would flourish.

It is good to be involved!


Jeremy Rose Sat 5 May 2018

Hi friends! I'm Jeremy. By day, I'm paid to work on the Electron open-source project full-time (by Slack), and on nights and weekends I collaborate with robots to make art. I'm in search of social structures that can create a more humane and equitable world, online and off, and I think that cooperatives are one such structure. I'm excited to be joining you all!

Geographically, I'm living in San Francisco, but I grew up in Sydney, Australia. If I get the chance to meet any of you in person, that'll explain my accent.


Bradley Sun 6 May 2018

Hey, I'm Bradley. I have experience volunteering in various collective projects, both online and a community center in Santa Cruz, California. I've been an Indymedia/Indybay volunteer since 2001, and have built sites with WordPress as well. 💚


[deactivated account] Sun 6 May 2018

Hi everyone! I joined social.coop a few weeks ago after having been on mastodon.social since around October 2016. This is my third instance (I'm also on scholar.social), and I decided to add it because I wanted to learn more about and become an active participant in a platform coop. I have just a little coop experience--belonged to several credit unions and worked for and belonged to a grocery coop in the past.

I am a faculty member teaching philosophy at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I'm also the Deputy Academic Director of our Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. I am a proponent of using and creating open educational resources in education, as well as open science, open data, etc. This platform fits in well with my overall values of emphasizing equity, inclusion, justice, fairness, and the like in whatever I am involved in. Excited to get to know many of you virtually!


Risabee Mon 7 May 2018

Hi, I'm Risa Bear, 69, retired, fading, but with a glow of enthusiasm left over from coop days (1970s to early 80s). I have been a techie but am no longer tech competent. Here to cheer folks on. CV starts in the 90s: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7nnmlrnZ6rkRWJWZG5xOWYzNk0/view?usp=sharing


Rory (as User) Tue 15 May 2018

Hi Everyone,

I’m @roryridleyduff@social.coop, and my day job is Professor of Cooperative Social Entrepreneurship at Sheffield Hallam University. In the context of this group I can help with constituting multi-stakeholder platform coops. I’m author of the FairShares Model (used by Resonate.is in Ireland, anyshare.coop in the USA, Bravely in Canada, EvoluteSix in the UK), and FairShares Labs in Germany, Croatia, Hungary and Netherlands.

Find out more at www.fairshares.coop, www.fsi.coop and www.fairshareslab.org


Rory (as User) Fri 18 May 2018

Hi all - I'll contribute when I can. My name is Rory Ridley-Duff, and my day job is Professor of Cooperative Social Entrepreneurship at Sheffield Hallam University (working in Sheffield Business School). I'm a practice engaged academic through the support given by the FairShares Institute (at my university) and FairShares Association (outside my university) to various platform (and other) co-operatives that constitute using the FairShares Model. So far, anyshare.coop, resonate.is and brave.coop have adopted the FairShares Model to constitute as platform cooperatives.

Next year, I lead a new MBA Cooperative Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship course at my university. Aside this, I am involved in three international research projects; a 2.5 year project to create FairShares Labs for Social and Blue Innovation (social solidarity economy incubators); a 4 year project on Social Innovation Skills Education in Schools called NEMESIS, and; a 4 year project called EMPOWER-SE, which is investing in the next generation of social enterprise scholars).


Graham Fri 18 May 2018

@roryridleyduff1 "a 2.5 year project to create FairShares Labs for Social and Blue Innovation (social solidarity economy incubators)" - is there more info on this and how our nascent Solidarity Economy Network in Kirklees might engage/benefit?


Rory (as User) Fri 18 May 2018

Graham - yes, there is plenty of material available now.
The following page enables you to download project brochures in English, German, Dutch, Hungarian and Croatian.


We're now translating the FairShares Plaform and Planner into the five languages (the Platform is for people to register Labs, Projects (ideas, plans, enterprises), Courses and Trainers. The Planner is an online planning tool to gather the view of all four stakeholders and let them vote on the resulting FairShares Plan. With that in mind, I attach the Methodology for Creating a FairShares Lab (translated into all languages as well) and the FairShares Canvass (which contains all the questions that will be in the online planner). You initiate the Planner from the Platform.

Next week, we meet in Deventer (Netherlands) to test the 'live' version of the Platform and Planner. Hope to share URLs for that soon.


Nick S Sat 11 Aug 2018

I can't edit this thread's header, or I'd put it there, but I suggest we might reference a "help needed" page somewhere which directs newcomers where they can help out if they want to.

I've created a ticket in GitLab for this as a reminder:



Tao Sat 11 Aug 2018

Hey all! I'm @tao, a software engineer soon to be based based in Edinburgh. After working for a large silicon valley company, I'm looking to get back to my socialist roots. I'm currently taking a sabbatical to work on FLOSS software and activism. I don't know much about the practicals of coops, but I'm hoping to learn more through social.coop!


Nick S Sat 11 Aug 2018

Hello Tao - there's a couple of us here in Edinburgh at least (@idmyn is another, @dougwebb visits from time to time). Feel free to drop me a line when you arrive.

See also P2P Scotland which is my pet project, currently a bit quiet but I hope to revive it real-soon-now.

Can you elaborate on your plans? Sounds interesting. Also, why Edinburgh?


Tao Mon 13 Aug 2018

Thanks Nick, I definitely will! Great to hear there are a couple of people there :)

Edinburgh because I love the city (studied there), and my partner lives there. I don’t have very specific plans, but one of the first things I’ll do is see what’s happening at the ACE these days!


Mathew Inkson Sun 19 Aug 2018

Hello all, I'm a software developer in Hobart, Tasmania. I must admit that my only driver for joining was to contribute to and be part of a collective Mastadon instance, but after reading through these threads I'm intrigued and excited about the other possibilities.


Ben Harris-Roxas Sun 19 Aug 2018

Hi all, I’m a public health researcher from Sydney, Australia.


[deactivated account] Tue 21 Aug 2018

Hi, everyone!
I'm Lindsay, from the Philadelphia area.
Currently I'm freelancing, writing and graphic design, and trying to do what I can when I have the strength to do it. (It's a lifestyle)
The small city I'm currently living in has been stagnant for a long time, but shows signs of promise. There are a few successful collective groups in the area, but I am hoping to learn from social.coop and see if more can be done. That is the biggest reason for my joining, plus Twitter is just getting weird.
My migration over to mastodon and loomio is a bit slow, so apologies for that.
It's a pleasure to meet you all! (^◇^)ノ


[deactivated account] Tue 21 Aug 2018

Hi, I'm Mike. Been living in the SF Bay Area long enough to see a whole boom and bust cycle :)
For work, I do software development / devops at a company that makes big enterprise storage stuff. I've been using Linux personally and professionally since the fairly early days of it.
For fun mostly a lot of non-computery technical stuff (electronics mostly), some casual wood and metal working, gardening, and a bit of messing around with synthesizers.
Aside from using a credit union, my experience with coops is pretty limited, but I'm grateful to join a mastodon instance that isn't that one big one, nor is set up impulsively by a friend who might lose interest in running it. Unsurprisingly, I've been deeply disappointed in the past by internet services which were advertising supported, but I've also been pretty disappointed in things which I paid for but for which I was the smallest sort of nuisance customer.
I'm not sure I can spare much time to help, but I'll try to generally keep an eye on the loomio forum and I'm very happy to be donating to the operation of the instance.


Arini Suhono Tue 21 Aug 2018

Hello! Most people call me Sue. I'm a writer and historian, born and raised in North Carolina though my family does not have previous roots here. I studied history in school, but while I did work as a historian for a brief time after graduation, I was laid off and have worked as a writer for various games and other stuff since then, while still making room for my own personal projects.

I've actually never been involved in a cooperative before, but the cooperative movement is something that has always piqued my interest. I figured that where I was at in life and geographically precluded any participation, but then I came across social.coop, and knew I had to get involved! I've been struggling with health problems this year, but I'm determined to do my best despite them - and haven't given up hope that I'll get past them soon.

In any case, I'm really happy to be here and really excited to take part, and hope I can contribute something good in some way. :D Also, I'm notoriously shy and reserved, but I'll do my best to speak up as I can.


John Evans Wed 22 Aug 2018

Hi, my name's John. I'm a philosopher and software developer living in Newcastle, UK. For the past 3 years I've been working on an anarcho-syndicalist app called Wobbly, it was actually the reason I decided to learn how to code. Wobbly is a tool for precarious workers to use to form a decentralised union, gain power in the workplace, and move their labour-power into a co-operative economic system. I just finished writing an article that explains more here: http://notesfrombelow.org/article/an-introduction-to-wobbly
We're currently finishing up the prototype and looking for devs to help as we move into production. Any help or even interest is very much appreciated! I'm usually available for a quick chat if you'd like to learn more, and we also have a mailing list if you want to get updates on our progress.

My main experience with co-ops, comes from when I lived in a student housing co-op in Edinburgh for 3 and a half years. I've been privy to the magic, tragedy and comedy that comes with working collaboratively with people who haven't really done that before.
My day job is freelance software developer. In Newcastle, I'm working with a local council on an enterprise called Code-Operative, which will be a co-operative network for tech freelancers, coders, designers, UX etc. We're having a launch event in about a month's time.
Social.coop is very interesting for me, as I have a lot of interest in decentralised and non-hierarchical organising. I think I'll be able to contribute some facilitation experience, and maybe some neologisms (I wrote an article about a methodology I call Convocational Development: https://bananananaba.com/Creating-Worlds.html). I'm also working with WeCo to make a tool called Decision Trees, that could be helpful for this group.


Leo Sammallahti Wed 22 Aug 2018

Met John at Open Coop 2018 event, and he is a brilliant fellow with lot of good ideas. He has been of great help to WeCo and I hope to help him with Wobbly as much as I possibly can. Hopefully there's people from social coop who also want to get involved with Wobbly, it fits perfectly with the ethos shared by our members.


captainbland Wed 22 Aug 2018

Hi, I'm Jaron. I'm a software developer living in Kent, UK, working in London. Mostly I work in Java but I like to branch out. I guess it's fair to say that my interest in coops started relatively recently compared to many on here, being swept up in the Corbyn phenomenon a few years back at a time when I'd just basically just started working full-time which turned out to be a pretty good way to get me to think about the nature of work and hence ownership quite a lot. So at the moment I guess you could say I'm a cooperative enthusiast with a slowly growing collection of memberships, although the dream is to work for a co-op full time. So it's good to be in here with you!


[deactivated account] Thu 23 Aug 2018

Hi, I'm Micah!

My background is in technology and I'm honestly pretty high on social anxiety and low on useful social abilities, but I'm excited about the decentralized web, and I'm interested in social.coop and the cooperative structure as potential social and resource structure that could help power the decentralized web.

I'm in the San Francisco bay area these days, in Emeryville (near Oakland and Berkeley). I worked at tech companies for a while, these days I'm making internet videos about electronics and reverse engineering for online patronage dollars mostly.

Good to be here! I'm looking forward to helping out and learning and working.


Ben Harris-Roxas Mon 27 Aug 2018

Hey all, I'm a public health researcher from Sydney, Australia.


Antoine-Frédéric Raquin Wed 29 Aug 2018

Hello, I'm Antoine-Frédéric.

I'm a 22 years-old sociology student from Lyon, France, leaning towards biology, Frankfurt's Institut for Social Research (the so-called "School of Frankfurt"), and computer science. As soon as I get my OpenBSD-running desktop computer, I'll write a document about art, intelligence, culture, encryption, capitalism, free software vs. dark patterns, neuroses, decentralization, and the Internet.

I'd like to help where I can, but I don't feel competent enough to do system administration without getting my hands into a real, non-critical server first.


Ned Zimmerman Thu 30 Aug 2018

Hi all! I am a web developer and when I’m not at my day job I co-ordinate an artist residency co-op in rural Nova Scotia, Canada. I cut my teeth in the co-op movement many years ago when I worked for, was a member of and served on the board of a partially worker-owned coffee roasting co-op in a different part of rural Nova Scotia. Eager to help out here in whatever ways I can!


John Fri 31 Aug 2018

Hello all, John McNamara reporting in! I am a co-op developer and educator based out of Olympia, WA (Northwest Co-op Development Center). I have justs realized that I haven't posted here yet, but I have been on social.coop for awhile. I spent just shy of 26 years with Union Cab of Madison Cooperative. I have a Masters in Management: Co-operatives and Credit Unions from St. Mary's University where I am also finishing a Ph.D. in Management. My thesis examines the how the type of management/governance used either assists or hinders the expression of the co-op identity in worker co-ops. I also teach a summer course on worker co-ops and democratic management at The Evergreen State College. I also work with the organizations Sociocracy for All.