Feature request: link previews

Matthew Bartlett Public Seen by 71

In my groups, I often find I and others want to share items of interest from the web — articles, news stories, blog posts etc. I do this to help build the sense of our group-ness, talking together, learning together. From experience with Facebook and Twitter, we've all gotten used to seeing an attractive representation of the content beyond the link. Seeing a link in a Loomio discussion, no matter how exciting the target, is a bit of a dry experience. Sometimes I put the effort of screenshotting & using markdown to make it appealing, but that is quite a lot of work.


Rob Guthrie Tue 12 Feb 2019

Thanks, we'll add this after wysiwyg is in in the new client.


Matthew Bartlett Wed 13 Feb 2019

Thank you :)


Rob Guthrie Thu 22 Apr

Link previews go live today!