Fri 11 Nov 2016

A Post-Election Message from Prof. Wolff

Betsy Avila Public Seen by 460

For those interested, please read Prof. Wolff's post-election message here: bit.ly/2eWcAN9

We would love to hear your thoughts and reflections on how we can move forward together.


John Rhoads Fri 11 Nov 2016

1. ultimate power resides with the people
2. the power of the people becomes effective when it is organized

People need to realize that they have the power to change things. This is starting to become more evident as people start to get fed up with the status quo. This is the "waking up" so many talk about. Once awake, that power will need keen organization to get traction. You have to know where you come from before you can figure out where you are going. For me, a firm grasp of history is necessary to put things into 'context' and is what I would like to see developed in more people.