Having a Pirate group at the Great Parade on the 20th of March

Alexis Ids Public Seen by 428

In a few days, there will be a mobilisation organised by Tout Autre Chose et Hart Boven Hard. I think it will be a good idea to have a lot of Pirates at this event to show our presence and to make contacts.
That'll go by sending a mail to all Pirates in the next days to invite Pirates to join us (this, I can do).

Link FB of the event : https://www.facebook.com/events/1525057674461487/


ZeFredz Wed 9 Mar 2016

This should not be here because it's not a proposal for the GA...


Pat Seynaeve Wed 9 Mar 2016

Good idea! I'll support it.


Vincent Wed 9 Mar 2016

Not sure if discussing this during the ga on the 26th would be relevant. I'll create a 'general discussion' subgroup.


Thierry Fenasse Fri 25 Nov 2016

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