Fri 6 Nov 2020

[Solved] Grey boxes = unable to read last posts on long thread. Any hint?

Xavi Public Seen by 70

example : a grey box instead of the contents of the post. And if I reverse the order or view it through another web brower = same problem


Xavi Fri 6 Nov 2020

It is so, even on other web browsers or when I put the posts in reverse order.


Xavi Sat 7 Nov 2020

I see this is an issue mentionned in May by @John Gieryn . Was it fixed? Should I move this thread to "Bugs and issues"? Thanks for your help!


Rob Guthrie Sat 7 Nov 2020

Hi @Xavi send me the link - in a direct thread (wow!) - and I'll debug it this week.


Elisabeth et Xavier Mon 25 Jan

@Rob Guthrie modified this on a new software update. If you are using an older version on your server, the only way I found to deal with that is to use a dark theme on my webbrowser when watching a loomio based site.