Tue 14 Apr 2015 3:52AM

What is the ideal economic system for a global democracy?

EL Eden Lani Public Seen by 704

Tribalism, feudalism, capitalism, and communism have all shown themselves to be severely limited in their capacity to maximize human well-being. What sort of economic system would facilitate and support a peaceful, just and sustainable world? How do we maximize personal freedom while minimizing poverty, resource war, and environmental degradation?


Dr. Roger Kotila Tue 28 Apr 2015 9:41PM

I like a blend of socialism and capitalism, somewhat along the lines of the Scandinavian countries. But the World Parliament must regulate Big Money (eg, private equity groups), international banking, and multinational corporations. Profit will have to take second place to what's best for "we, the people." Income and asset/wealth inequality will have to be addressed so that the poor have a chance at a decent life. We are plants in a garden and we all need water or we waste away.


Noah Skocilich Sat 10 Oct 2015 9:02AM

Charles Eisenstein's work is the best guide I know of for this.

Great question though. Will be thinking more on this.

Also, Laurence Brahm's work with the Himalayan Consensus project seems to me a great guide.


[deactivated account] Mon 2 Nov 2015 7:42PM

Have a look at the Rojava Kurds


Noah Skocilich Wed 11 Nov 2015 4:41PM

From everything I know about the Rojava Kurds and the experiments there in radical direct democracy, I also feel there is a lot to be learned from what is being done there.

I think it could be incredibly important actually.


Germà Pelayo Fri 11 Dec 2015 9:27AM

One possible scenario is a plurality of systems, according to the needs and wishes of each one, under common rules of economic, social and environment justice. This is better explained in one of the booklets of the Great Transition Initiative


Germà Pelayo Tue 29 Mar 2016 9:14PM

Here's the link to the document I am talking about : http://www.greattransition.org/archives/papers/Visions_of_Regional_Economies.pdf


Sandra Miller Fri 13 Jan 2017 4:48PM

A single global economic system requires a single global (digital) currency that cannot be bought with an existing currency, i.e. dollars (else the new currency will inherit the inequality problems of the old currency). Fiat currencies must go to zero.


Bootz Thu 7 Dec 2017 4:10PM

Quite the emotional appeal. One person one vote. Political equality, unless you are in the minority, economic equality unless you realize that is impossible. Throughout history all efforts of equality have led to impoverishment. Sustainability implies less consumption and therefore tends towards lower standards of living. But it all sounds great. Most fantasies do.
I have a few simple questions. Democracies are generally associated with Western cultures. Western cultures also have the greatest degree of personal rights and vibrant middle classes. One country in particular guarantees individual rights.
In a global democracy is freedom of the press and speech guaranteed? How many countries guaranty it today? What of countries where there are not precedents of political freedom? Will Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela suddenly embrace Western style Democracy? How Much of the wealth of Europe will be transferred to Africa? How much of the wealth of North America must be redistributed to South America? What of China with huge income inequality will be given to Viet Nam. Will redistribution eliminate poverty or cause more of it?
Global Democracy is a sham on the liberties and opportunities of all people.