Thu 4 Feb 2016

EXAMPLES PLEASE! For Pecha Kucha in Whangarei next week!

Sophie Jerram Public Seen by 435

Greetings Loomions near and far!

I'm an old friend and early contributor to Loomio dating from 2012... and I use Loomio every day for one of the community or art-based organisations I'm working with.

One of the major and simple uses is for running the Urban Dream Brokerage in Wellington and Dunedin. There we facilitates access to empty retail for arts and community projects for no or little money.


This project is growing in New Zealand as our cities are changing form. Next week we're going to the beautiful hot city in the north, Whangarei to talk about urban revitalisation (art, people, shared space and transitioning private space to public use). We are talking to Councillors and business people.

We are also talking at a Pecha Kucha. I am wanting to give a devolved decision making theme.

Loomio is core to this. It's been core to my way of thinking and democratic process since the beginning.

I would like to work with some of the content from the Humans of Loomio posts (amazing stuff @alanna and @theodoretaptiklis and others!) but I'd like your top 5 suggestions for stories that would appeal to the relatively remote province of Whangarei.

It's got a high Māori population so stories of indigenous self-organising usage would be really choice too.

Case studies that I know very well and will use are
a) Vogelmorn Community Group (aka Volkings) who are now in charge of the Vogelmorn Bowling Club


b) 17/19 Tory Street https://www.loomio.org/g/THMgiJAa/17-tory

c) Urban Dream Brokerage as above

d) Kaka project - which has been about citizen engagement in a suburb in Wellington http://www.kakaproject.org

So I need more ideas that you think might entice a broad range of city-decision makers toward devolving a bit of the power!!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Sophie Jerram Thu 4 Feb 2016

@theodoretaptiklis @alanna are you happy if I pilfer images from the humans of... alongside text?

And I meant to say - I will share the 20 images at the end of course with everyone!

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