Sun 7 Apr 2019

transport from london

xavier dubruille Public Seen by 197

Hi as a camp lead , i may have to bring some stuff from london to devon, i was thinking too use loomio to gather all the need and mayeb find a way to split the cost for everybody by renting a massive van than a lot of small. your input?


Baillie Sun 7 Apr 2019

Sounds good. I will budget for The Point (centre camp) for travel but won’t need it back to London as anything purchased should stay on site.

Happy to contribute whatever of that budget is granted to put in for a larger vehicle that can suit everyone’s needs, if that works out to be easier.

There are also some companies offering transport for individual items which can sometimes work out really good for coatings. Although I’m not sure if you can pick a specific day for that and not sure how’s long before hand on site they will be accepting deliveries. One to check with @jackiebritton and Nathan?


[deactivated account] Sun 7 Apr 2019

Transport is also needed for doors for the Temple - although that will also no require a return journey.


[deactivated account] Sun 7 Apr 2019

We will be on site from Monday 13th but wouldn't want to be taking deliveries that early in the week. Maybe from the Wednesday or Thursday. Probably couldn't guarantee that large things were stored under cover. And please don't send anything that needs a forklift to unload!


Graeme McGregor Mon 8 Apr 2019

For the Temple, my hope is that we can get all of the materials, or most of them, to site by packaging them up and sending them with different camps, vans, art projects etc, where they have some space available.

This might be a bit optimistic of me, but budget will be tight as is, so anything we can do to cut the transport costs will help us a lot.

To that end, if The Point has any space available in their transport after accommodating their own needs, could you let us know so that we can work out what we might be able to send with you? Also, if you're doing more than one run to the site in advance of Nest, let us know.

None of the Temple materials need to come back from Nest, for obvious, fiery reasons.


[deactivated account] Tue 9 Apr 2019

What needs to be brought from London for Centre Camp Baillie? Does it take up much room?


xavier dubruille Sat 20 Apr 2019

sadly i can answer this question, the tent is in devon (i suppose) and also all thr things that was inside, the rst of the furniture will be built on site which means a truck is redundant to my dismay for the point


Mands Connolly Wed 24 Apr 2019

I think this question was asked a while ago, us nesticles seem very disjointed and we obviously have too much cash to need to collaborate!!