Hackathon to finalise poddery.com privacy policy.

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We already have a discussion going on about privacy policy for poddery.com here (attachment). Lets have an AFK discussion on 24th June (or comment convenient dates) at Thrissur to finalize a privacy policy and work on future plans for poddery.com. Please add what else need to be discussed.

We will be discussing,
- Privacy Policy for Poddery services.
- Future plans for Poddery and FSCI.
- Wiki updation.
- conducting a Freesoftware Program/Event on July.

location is updated
PG Center, near Vadakke Stand, Thrissur, 9-4pm, 24th June.


Meetup updates

Kannan, Abhijith, Prince, Sruthi, Praveen, Jagadhish, Harish, Sooraj, Ambady, Akhil were present in the meetup at PG Center, Thrissur.
Program started at 10am continued till 3.30 at PG center. Program was later continued at Akhil and Harish's workspace at Mannuthy till 7pm.

All the above mentined topics were discussed.

Privacy policy for poddery came to a conclusion and released v0.9 and posted for checking and correction by online members. Terms of use were discussed and a draft is now published on loomio. We consulted disroot.org's privacy policy and terms of use for reference and added few of their statements.

Poddery.com income and expense are checked and documented, thanks to Srud now we have a spredsheet of income and expense.

Old poddery server wasn't deleted and added lot of unnecessary expense, it will be deleted on July 1. Till then back up confirmation and mySQL->postgreSQL conversion will be tested on that.

Meeting has decided that funds to be recieved for services listed in FSCI wiki will be maintained at personal level as it will be much easier to maintain compared to alternatives. Here is the list of present account maintainers.

Poddery: Srud
Codema: Bady
Peertube: Mujeeb/Bady
Mailman: Bhe

Meeting has decided that there should be a monitor for each services listed in FSCI wiki. Here is the list of monitors. Responsibility of Monitors are documented at https://wiki.fsci.org.in/index.php/Service_Monitors

Poddery - Diaspora, Matrix, XMPP

Maintainers: Diaspora - Praveen , Matrix and XMPP - Shamil (@noteness )
Monitor: Kannan (@kannanvm )


Maintainer: Bady (@bady )
Monitor: Need a volunteer


Maintainer: Bhe (@bhe )
Monitor: Need a volunteer


Maintainer: Harish
Monitor: Raghu Kamath (@raghukamath )


Maintainer: Praveen
Monitor: Jagadeesh

A program to be conducted on July was discussed couldn't come to a conclusion, it will be posted as a loomio discussion.

List of unfinished tasks for all services are listed and documented, it will be posted under poddery.com issues and management issues.


Kannan V M Wed 13 Jun 2018

I think we should finalize on maintainers for each service. At least to stop a SPOF.


Nandakumar Edamana Wed 13 Jun 2018

Perhaps I'll be available on Sunday (not sure). Can I join?


Pirate Praveen Wed 13 Jun 2018

yes, we are always looking for more people to help maintain the services


Anoop M S Wed 13 Jun 2018

:thumbsup: Can I join! :nerd:


Pirate Praveen Sat 16 Jun 2018

yes, you can. Its open for all those are interested.


Kannan V M started a check Wed 13 Jun 2018

Who all are free to join poddery hackathon on June 17th? Closed Sun 17 Jun 2018

3 - Yes
5 - No

Fri 15 Jun 2018

exam :(


tony antony
Sat 16 Jun 2018

i like it


Tanzeem Mohammad Basheer Wed 13 Jun 2018

Regarding the hardware used to host, let's ensure the use of only freedom friendly hardware.


Pirate Praveen Sat 16 Jun 2018

We are not hosting our own hardware, do you have any hosting provider suggestions?


Kannan V M Sat 16 Jun 2018

Guys, looks like there arent many participants. should we post pone this to another date? @praveenarimbrathod @tonyantony ??


Pirate Praveen Sat 16 Jun 2018

I'm in for tomorrow or another day. What if people are not interested for another day as well?


Kannan V M started a check Wed 20 Jun 2018

Who all are free to join Poddery meetup on 24th June. Closed Sat 23 Jun 2018

by Pirate Praveen Sat 23 Jun 2018

location is confirmed as PG Center, near Vadakke Stand, Thrissur, 9-4pm, 24th June.

Meetup on 17th June wast postponed due to lack of participants. Lets not make it late and conduct it on 24th. Location will be at Thrissur and venue will be notified tomorrow.

7 - Yes
7 - No

Wed 20 Jun 2018

I have Editorial Meeting of LUCA at Kozhikode same day. So Cant come on that day.


Wed 20 Jun 2018

I am not available. Attending a workshop at CUSAT.


Tanzeem Mohammad Basheer
Wed 20 Jun 2018

I will be at Ernakulam CUSAT till 1pm on 24th and can participate after coming there, after 2pm, if else I hope to participate onilne.


Wed 20 Jun 2018

Not in country


Abhijith PA
Thu 21 Jun 2018

Will be there.


raghukamath Fri 22 Jun 2018

being away from the venue, I can't be present, but it will help if we have meeting minutes or summary


Ranjithsiji Fri 22 Jun 2018

Some things for discussion. 1. What will be the content structure of the wiki, what are the things appear in the homepage, do we maintain a directory of free software projects, initiatives, policies in this wiki ? 2. Do we need websites for all domains (fsci, fsug, freesoftwarecommunity) which speaks various operations in India.


Kannan V M Fri 22 Jun 2018

location is updated
PG Center, near Vadakke Stand, Thrissur, 9-4pm, 24th June


Abhishek Lal Sat 23 Jun 2018

Dear Kannan,I think you have got the wrong email-id. So could you please stop this.

Abhishek Lal B Mentor, GSoC '18 ( https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/ ) (Drupal ( http://www.drupal.org/u/lal_ ))Github ( http://github.com/abhilal007 ) | Blog ( http://findlal.wordpress.com/ )


Pirate Praveen Mon 25 Jun 2018

Thanks @kannanvm for the updates. @raghukamath please check and comment. @abhisheklal we have moved this discussion to poddery.com maintainers sub group now.