Fri 9 Mar 2018


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A thread to advertise events that could be of interest to this community.


Vica Fri 9 Mar 2018

Our worker coop is 1 year old! Come and celebrate with us: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/research-for-action-tickets-43164664674


Kate Whittle Fri 9 Mar 2018

Congratulations Research for Action!


Happy birthday!


Clara dos Santos Fri 16 Nov 2018

Sharing Oxford: Activating our Urban Commons

The Solidarity Economy Association is really excited to be hosting journalist, author and strategic partnerships director of Shareable Tom Llewellyn at a special event exploring activating Oxford's 'urban commons' at Makespace Oxford on Wednesday, 21st November, from 6:15pm.

The event will be in two parts - Tom will give a short presentation on his new book, Sharing Cities (read more here - https://www.shareable.net/sharing-cities) and then we'll be doing an interactive ‘World Café’ style discussion, working together to evaluate Oxford by exploring the state of things, the available resources, the needs of residents, and what the steps might be to meet those needs together.

This event is particularly relevant for anyone working in a local community organisation looking to link up with others in Oxford, to explore collaborative opportunities, as well as people working or interested in community wealth building, co-operatives, and network building.

If anyone in the group is around Oxford next week, we would really love for you to join us!

More information on the links below:

Our Facebook event page - https://www.facebook.com/events/763141670684511/
Our website - https://www.solidarityeconomy.coop/portfolio_item/open2018conference-2-2-3
Eventbrite - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sharing-oxford-activating-our-urban-commons-with-tom-llewellyn-tickets-52310039737

Please help us spread the word! :)


Nathan Brown (Co-op Culture) Wed 21 Nov 2018

Worker Co-ops: How to Get Started

12 December , London, 10am - 4pm

Worth sharing with anyone you meet who has thought about starting a worker co-op.
It might be a good way to give your new recruits an overview of the worker co-operative way of doing things, or even be a useful refresher for your existing members. It is being facilitated by @sionwhellens from Calverts, who has also been involved with national and international worker co-op networks.


Future Co-ops 2019 - Can co-op deserts bloom? 1/2nd Feb 2019, B'ham https://futures.coop/future-coops-2019/

"for everyone who works in or supports co-ops, mutuals and community enterprises. So it’s for you if you’re a supporter, member, board member or executive of co-ops of any form (eg retail, worker, producer), Community Benefit Societies of every stripe (eg energy, retail, sports club, charitable), mutuals, Community Land Trusts, and community and social enterprises of every type. It’s also for you if you’re from the co-operative party, or a supportive Local Authority, or a co-op development organisation, or if you’re a funder or a grant maker, or just someone who wants to see more co-ops and mutuals in the world."


We have open studios at Ceramics Studio Co-op in South London this Saturday, all welcome for some mulled wine and to get their presents https://www.facebook.com/events/341260583368923


Irena P Mon 29 Jul 2019

Want to know how to drive production in a flat management structure? How to meet deadlines in a no boss co-op?! Join Co-op Connections for a FREE STUDY VISIT with Suma on Thurs 12 September 2pm-5pm. Ross Hodgson and the Suma team shed light on how they combine a successful vegetarian food operation with high egalitarian processes across their workforce. Limited places only so please BOOK NOW via https://www.uk.coop/uniting-co-ops/events-calendar/co-op-connections-study-visit-suma :slight_smile: We look forward to seeing you there!


Date for your diary July 4th 2020 Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

A day of celebration and propaganda around worker democracy - much exciting stuff in the programme pipeline.

From the politics around productive co-ops in the 19th Century to today where the gig economy returns with a vengeance.


Pete Burden Thu 3 Oct 2019

Dear All - you might be interested in the Meaning Conference in Brighton on November 14th.

I know @aaronhirtenstein has been and I think @johnatherton?

It's probably a bit different from some of the true worker democracy events that come up from time to time. Maybe a bit of a different audience? While all such events can be a bit of echo chamber, I think Meaning tries to open up to a wider, more eclectic audience. Partly by running things in a fairly conventional format, but with a few twists (like a very successful Fringe).

The topics are things that I think many people here would be interested in - alternative models of business and governance to name just two.

This year the speakers include Sarah McKinley from the Democracy Collaborative (think the Cleveland model/the Preston model); Clare Farrell, one of the co-founders of Extinction Rebellion; and speakers from the World Fair Trade Organisation and the New Economics Foundation.

There's more detail here: https://meaningconference.co.uk/, including videos of past speakers (it's been going for seven or eight years) (Or see https://meaningconference.co.uk/the-business-case).

I really recommend it. But then I would because I have been involved since it started and am a (tiny) shareholder. It's not a currently a worker coop but IMHO acts like one (yes, I am trying to persuade them!).

There are group discounts available or I can provide a code that will give 20% off single tickets (SeeStep - case-sensitive). From my point of view it would also be brilliant to have a decent-sized group from worker coops (and also CoTech, Solidfund, Platform 6 etc) so we can influence proceedings more!

If you do decide to come please get in touch before-hand and perhaps we can arrange some kind of worker-coop meetup drink. Or if you have questions, please ask.


Kayleigh Walsh Outlandish Thu 3 Oct 2019

I'd like to go @peteburden, been meaning (ha) to for ages but I've never made it. Anyone else?


Nathan Brown (Co-op Culture) Mon 7 Oct 2019

Sent to me by TU colleague. May be of interest to some in worker co-op community . Public Ownership 2.0: Worker and Trade Union Representation and Democratic Control 17th October, London. https://www.gre.ac.uk/events/current-events/faculty-of-business/Public-Ownership-2.0-Worker-and-Trade-Union-Representation-and-Democratic-Control-d17-10-2019-a1666729


Irena P Wed 16 Oct 2019

How to manage conflict in a Workers Co-op Webinar, 11 Dec 3pm

As a result of the recent Loomio vote, to see which subjects you'd like us to cover in Webinars, 'How to Manage Conflict in a Worker Co-op' came high up the list. So we invite you to sign up to our latest webinar presented by Co-operatives UK HR manager, Kate Fielding, and Unicorn's @britta on exactly that subject. Click for more info and register via https://www.uk.coop/uniting-co-ops/events-calendar/managing-conflict-worker-co-op-co-op-connections-webinar


Last time I looked, there were still some physical copies of @katewhittle 's guide From Conflict to Co-operation in the basement at Holyoake House. Might make a good resource for this workshop.


Irena P Thu 17 Oct 2019

Thanks for the link Mark


Nathan Brown (Co-op Culture) Thu 17 Oct 2019

The updated version is available online on CUK website


Pete Burden Thu 17 Oct 2019

Hi Irena - sounds fascinating. I'll join if I can.

Might be interesting to discuss the framing - conflict as something that can be 'managed'?

For me, and I guess for others, conflict is essential - the basis of creativity and accountability - of cooperating and getting things done?

So maybe 'nurtured' instead of 'managed'? :)



Kate Whittle Tue 29 Oct 2019

Hi all, thanks for the alert Mark, what a waste of resources! Grrr. But the updated version (available as Nathan says online, at www.cooperantics.coop and via CUK) is IMHO much better, booklet 4 almost completely rewritten with more content and the booklets now refer to 'co-ops' rather than 'community food enterprises' . Great news that Britta and Kate Fielding are running a webinar. Fascinating topic!


Kate Whittle Tue 29 Oct 2019

Not sure I'd want to 'nurture' a conflict, Pete? Learn from it maybe, or recognise its value?


Pete Burden Tue 29 Oct 2019

Yes, Kate, I am not necessarily talking about nurturing an individual conflict. Learning from a conflict and recognising its value is probably more appropriate.

I was responding to the idea that in general, in an organisation, we might 'manage' conflict. This to me sounds a little like the outcome of a 'managerialist' agenda - ie the assumption is that we can and ought to manage conflicts (plural) in the same way that we manage machines, people or risks.

For me managing anything in that way can have a less than positive connotation - control. I think we can probably manage or control a machine, and perhaps risks. But I don't think we can or should even try to 'manage' or control people.

And I don't think we should try to manage conflict, when the connotation is control. For me, it is better to nurture conflict behaviour in an organisation. Because organisations that manage - or control - conflict risk driving it underground or into less useful places.

I think human societies advance through peace and through conflict - conflict arises from differences and differences are vital to creativity. So when I say 'nurture' I mean encourage and sustain that behaviour and create conditions where it works constructively, which is often about attitudes to conflict, and about timing.



Irena P Mon 4 Nov 2019

Def. not wasted resources Kate. The physical pack on conflict was handed to me during my induction week. I just hadn't clocked the link for the website version.


Kate Whittle Tue 5 Nov 2019

Totally agree @Pete I dislike the expression 'managing conflict' because it does suggest controlling it and even suppressing it. And I like the concept of nurturing 'conflict behaviours'. I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner - life!


Kate Whittle Tue 5 Nov 2019

Hi Irena - I meant wasted if they're sitting in the basement of Holyoake House! :slight_smile:


Irena P Tue 5 Nov 2019

Have no fear Kate...I'll take a closer look and if there's a stack down in the basement we'll be able to do something with them for sure following this webinar.


Irena P Thu 17 Oct 2019

I'll pass on your comments to the presenters. I think it's also interesting to see conflict as an opportunity for deeper democracy e.g. what opportunities would there be for democracy if everything ALWAYS met our conditions? And is managing (or nurturing) the 'opportunity' of conflict a useful way of looking at conflict? :thinking: I'm keen to learn more..


Pete Burden Tue 29 Oct 2019

That's exactly it @irenap - conflict is an opportunity for a deeper democracy, for better relationships, for creativity and probably lots of other good things.

It also strikes me that if anyone should be - and is - challenging a managerialist agenda it is co-ops! I think we should claim that position proudly, and proclaim that difference.


Irena P Mon 4 Nov 2019

Please share the link for the forthcoming webinar: 'Managing Conflict in a Worker Co-op' with Kate Fielding and @britta 11 Dec, 3pm Sign up here: https://www.uk.coop/uniting-co-ops/events-calendar/managing-conflict-worker-co-op-co-op-connections-webinar [could it be 'Utilising'? @peteburden]
Thank you!


Pete Burden Mon 4 Nov 2019

Thanks for engaging with my obsession @irenap ! 'Utilising'.

Or maybe just 'Working with..."?!


Kate Whittle Tue 5 Nov 2019

I like 'working with' :thumbsup:


Vica Mon 6 Jul 2020

Hi all, just wanted to mention that we are hosting a workshop on how to set up a courier co-op this Thursday. Please share with anyone interested!

Here is the event registration link and the Facebook event link.

And here is a tweet you can use as a reference.


Hakanto Tue 7 Jul 2020

I'll be there! I'm a car-free cyclist in Houston, Texas who has been brainstorming how to get more co-ops here. This is a spread-out, car-dominated metropolis, so I'm not sure how viable any bike courier model would be. But I want to learn about it and have a better sense if it is an option


Cait Wed 2 Sep 2020

Hey all, this event is happening on the 9th September: Co-ops after Covid.

It's got a Bristol focus but I'm sure it'll include some principles useful to those from further afield.


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Kate Whittle Thu 3 Sep 2020

On Eventbrite it's called 'Accounting for co-ops' and it's sold out. Frustrating. I've attempted in the past to start networking amongst worker co-ops in Bristol, but after one event at Kino, which was great & encouraging we didn't manage to get together again. Also Gareth from CUK has run a couple of events. I'd love to have another try, if the Cable was interested and able to devote some time & resources I would willingly contribute my time & contacts? 🙂


Gareth Thu 3 Sep 2020

@Cait @kate whittle Thanks for sharing. Not an event I was aware of. Do we know either of the speakers? Will also ask the Bristol Co-op Alliance as I'm in convo with them about an upcoming event. Will look to reach out to the facilitators of the event.


Kate Whittle Fri 4 Sep 2020

Thanks for this Gareth. Could you share contact details for Bristol Co-op Alliance as I've never heard of them!😉


Hilary Sudbury Fri 4 Sep 2020

Gareth, I have met with the Bristol Uni people who organised this, it is their second one, a couple of times over the last year and keep in contact whilst in lockdown. I am hoping we can do some joint working with them at some point. Would you be able to keep me in the loop about Jules plans for BCA too?