Do you think it should be an offence to use wild animals in travelling circuses? If so, why?

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Ian Walker Wed 21 Aug 2019

No. I disagree with the premise of making it an offence to use wild animals in travelling circuses and consider there are far far more important topics that the National Assembly for Wales should be focussed on.

I do think it would be eminently sensible to produce legislated requirements of travelling circuses in regards to the well being of wild animals used. A part of this, in my view, must be a requirement to educate and improve awareness of the issues facing wild animals in their natural habitats. Travelling circuses can play, in my view, a valid and invaluable role in educating the public about wild animals and the issues faced where many species are facing extinction.

Last time I went to a travelling circus, which had elephants, we were invited openly to visit the animals after the show where we could see not only how well the animals were being cared for but also be told about where these animals had come from (they had been bred in captivity) and the many issues faced by these animals in the wild. It was informative and engaging.

One concern that I have is what provisions will be made, should this bill be made law, for the safety and well being of any existing wild animals within travelling circuses.

Also, since Wales (last time I looked) is part of the United Kingdom, leading with a piece of legislation such as this creates many potential problems. For example, it could lead to travelling circuses abandoning Wales since if they have wild animals that are permitted in England which aren't in Wales, it would not be economically viable for the travelling circus to "home" its livestock before travelling over the border.


Brigitte Robinson Fri 30 Aug 2019

Yes - wild animals deserve an environment as close as posiible to their natural habitat, and are not to be coerced into unnatural behaviour.


Hewan Ormson Mon 2 Sep 2019

Yes. I am not sure that workers are fully trained in looking after the health and well being of the animals. They may be badly treated and not have sufficient room to move and follow their natural instincts. I am also not sure where the animals come from. It is possible that they may have been taken illegally.


Kelis Huntley Wed 18 Sep 2019

Animals should be allowed to be a part of a travelling circus if they are in the correct conditions and treated correctly


RETG 11 Wed 18 Sep 2019

I disagree


Osama Ali Wed 18 Sep 2019

I have 2 ducks


Osama Ali Wed 18 Sep 2019

I would hate to see em in circus


Ben Wed 18 Sep 2019

Don’t be silly. Protect the animals at all costs, they are important.


Jamie Mason Wed 18 Sep 2019



RETG 11 Wed 18 Sep 2019



RETG 11 Wed 18 Sep 2019



James Thu 3 Oct 2019

Yes it should be an offence, animals aren't made to "jump" trough hoops, regardless of how their treated, its not natural, and they dont have a choice, im sure many humans wouldn't be happy being forced to do such things


Dan Thu 3 Oct 2019

It’s wrong to use animals as entertainment
Animals should be able to free and roam around as they like
They deserve to be treated fairly like we are.