Mon 12 Apr

CoTech Fund - Switch to 'Loomio community lifetime' plan

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Last year we paid $125 to Loomio as they introduced payment plans (we qualified for 'Community Annual'). The price was meant to vary every year depending on the number of users. We currently have 139 community users and were sent an invoice totalling $145.88, which is due.

However, in the meantime Loomio simplified its billing plans and offered 'Loomio community lifetime' option, a one-time $199 payment (plus sales tax where applicable) offering community groups (such as CoTech) the following:

-Lifetime subscription

-Unlimited members

-Unlimited discussions and decisions

-Unlimited subgroups

-Integrate Slack and Microsoft Teams

In this thread we want to propose to switch to this plan and get reimbursed for paying for it.


Animorph Co-op started a proposal Mon 12 Apr

To cover costs of Loomio community lifetime plan Closed Mon 19 Apr

by Animorph Co-op Tue 8 Jun

Thanks for the support!

Our switch was successful. The payment was received by Loomio on 30 Apr 2021 9:30 PM NZST. Animorph will reclaim $199.00 from CoTech shortly.

Now we can use Loomio forever!

Since last year we need to pay for using Loomio.

In line with the spending mechanism of CoTech Fund, it is proposed to spend $199 on Loomio community lifetime plan.

CoTech membership is growing and we need to pay $150+ on annual basis. As described in the thread introduction, the one-off payment plan would provide us with a lifetime subscription for unlimited amount of members.

Animorph will make the payment and will get reimbursed by CoTech Fund.

This vote is only for the co-ops contributing to the fund. Please take a week to inspect the notion. If there are no objections, the spending will be approved.

Agree - 7
Abstain - 0
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Autonomic Co-operative
Mon 12 Apr

Seems like the way to go.


Shaun Fensom
Mon 12 Apr



Sounds like a great plan, until such time as we get need staff at which point we'll be in a different position no doubt.


It would be nicer to use only use Discourse however it would probably cost more to develop a Discourse plugin to replace the Loomio voting options we use / need.


Thanks for starting this Szczepan, I saw the latest update and wondered if we would be applicable so good to know we are.

One thing to raise: do we actually need Loomio for decision making or can our Discourse do the job?

I heard discourse has some plugins for this kind of thing and woould love to have one fewer space to be aware of! 🙂

Sorry for potentially opening a can of worms!


Code-Operative Mon 12 Apr

I did a quick search and found this:


Personally I think if we can use one platform instead of two then this will be friendlier for most new users.. save a couple of hundred quid in the process.. worth the effort?

never used it myself though. Also lacking in-depth knowledge of Loomio ^^' (Calum)


Lucy King Fri 16 Apr

Yeah I actually just created some polls on the forum here (please respond if you haven't already!) and kinda thought the same - there's the ability to limit votes to fund members as well. It would be great to condense our platforms. Having said that.....there's no knowing which direction we'll go in the future. Maybe it would be worthwhile having the lifetime membership whilst it's on offer!


Discourse doesn't have the comprehensive voting options that Loomio features, the Is Decision Making Possible on Discourse? thread @Code-Operative linked to above, mentions a new Discourse voting plugin, I'm installing this plugin now, once it is installed we could try enabling on some categories and see if it is a good enough replacement for Loomio?


The Discourse voting plugin has been enabled on the CoTech Internal category on the Discourse forum, I'm not convinced it is a suitable replacement for Loomio.


Code-Operative Sun 18 Apr

@Chris Croome (Webarchitects Co-operative) at first glance I've only seen a couple of basic single-option, multi-option and thread upvoting on Discourse

Loomio offers a some other types of poll that it seems aren't supported natively on Discourse


Sorry - we seem to have missed the closing date on this one. In case it helps, we (Go Free Range) would have voted in favour! ✅